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New Year, New High Street Copy


One of our customers spotted this volume knob jewellery in Claire’s Accessories:

Claire's Accessories volume knob jewellery

Before we waste our time writing them a ton of letters, we thought we’d blog it to find out what you think. We’re hoping Claire’s will be willing to withdraw these pieces, as they really are very similiar to our Volume Brooch:

Tatty Devine Volume Brooch

We’ve been selling our brooch since Spring 2004 (although our new version goes all the way up to 11!).

Please let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below, and please do also let Claire’s know. You can find them on Twitter, leave a review on Facebook or email

We’re not the only jewellery designers to be a bit miffed with Claire’s at the moment. Check out the She Draws blog for another current story. One of our favourite illustrators, Gemma Correll, has just set up a Facebook page called Designers and Illustrators Against Plagiarism. Go Gemma!

UPDATED: Thank you for all your comments on this post, it’s been very helpful. We’ve had over 20 comments, and we’ve now removed all comments for review. If you’d like to carry on the conversation, please visit us on Facebook or Twitter.