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Claire's Accessories official statement


When we posted this blog entitled “Can you spot the difference?” back in February, comparing some Claire’s Accessories jewellery to our own designs, it resulted in  over 200 comments and 2500 tweets.

We’re pleased to announce that an agreement has now been reached between Tatty Devine and Claire’s Accessories. We released this official joint statement on BBC One’s Watchdog programme on 19th April 2012:

“Tatty Devine Limited and Claire’s Accessories UK Limited confirm that a mutually
acceptable resolution to their recent dispute has been reached. Although the terms
of the agreement are confidential, it can be confirmed that the banana, dinosaur and
fishbone necklaces have been removed from sale in all Claire’s Accessories stores
worldwide, but the moustache, large glasses and musical notes necklaces remain
available for purchase.”

This statement will be available to read here for 28 days. Sorry we can’t tell you much more, but we’re grateful to everyone who followed this story.