Tatty Devine for Hoxton Street Monster Supplies Uurghhh Necklace

Afraid of letting your inner monster loose? Fear not, a new limited-edition range of jewellery from Tatty Devine and Hoxton Street Monster Supplies features monstrous phrases to let everyone know just how you feel without uttering a word.

The handmade collection is the perfect way to express ghastly feelings for the vocally challenged, or when there are just no other words to suffice.

Proceeds support free writing workshops for young people in east London through the Ministry of Stories, which is a creative writing and mentoring centre cofounded by author Nick Hornby.

To win a piece of your choice from the range, plus a goodie bag of extra treats, we want you to write a piece of flash fiction inspired by one of the words from the collection.

Your flash fiction story needs to be 140 characters or less. To enter, just tweet your story, adding the hashtag #monster140. Entries will be judged by author and Ministry of Stories supporter Joe Dunthorne (Submarine, Wild Abandon).

Ready for your inspirational words? Here they are:

Tatty Devine for Hoxton Street Monster Supplies - Aarghhh Necklace
Shock, horror, fear and terror: our favourite emotions. Wear them proudly with an Aarghhh Necklace crafted by Tatty Devine from recently-petrified forests.

Tatty Devine for Hoxton Street Monster Supplies - Grrrr Necklace

Hand crafted from slime-resistant malachite-substitute, this Grrrr Necklace is perfect for Trolls, Ogres, and other Beautiful Beasts.

Tatty Devine for Hoxton Street Monster Supplies - Urghh Brooch

Mummies and Zombies: secure loose bandages and limbs with style and panache with this Urghh Brooch crafted from sustainably sourced human bone.

Tatty Devine for Hoxton Street Monster Supplies - Uurghhh Necklace

Another piece crafted from sustainably sourced human bone, this Uurghhh Necklace is perfect for Zombies, Mummies, and other vocally-challenged monsters.

So, that’s Aarghhh, Grrrr, Urghh or Uurghhh. You have until 12 noon on Monday 12th November to enter. Get writing!


Thank you to everyone who entered, the competition is now closed. After great deliberation, Joe Dunthorne has chosen his top terrifying tweet. Here’s the winning entry:

“Urgh, blech! May I be excused, mommy? I don’t like the taste.” “Honey, you know it’s better for you. Now drink your vegetarian.”

Congratulations, Julia! We loved your darkly humorous Twitter tale. Enjoy your monstrous prizes!

11 Responses to Win! Tatty Devine and Hoxton Street Monster Supplies Flash Fiction Competition

  1. Charlotte says:

    Where does the human bone come from?

    • Tatty Devine says:

      Well, Charlotte, whilst the other-worldly customers of Hoxton Street Monster Supplies would gleefully wear a necklace made from human bones, we know our customers might be a little more squeamish. They’re actually made from creamy marbled perspex – but don’t tell the monsters that!

  2. lola albarn says:

    how many tweets can we send?

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  4. Vicki says:

    How long have we got to be bards? Ie when does this close?

  5. Federica Micheli says:

    those special colors are just….stunning!!!!
    really good job girls!!!!

  6. julia says:

    hi! i won the contest, but i’m not sure who to contact regarding the prizes, i sent a tweet but received no reply. so excited to receive these, though! :)

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