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How It’s Made: Lolly Necklace


Searching for a Valentine’s Day gift that’s impossible to resist? Look no further! Our Lolly Necklace is the perfect treat for your sweetheart – and it looks almost good enough to eat. Ever since it first launched as part of our Spring Summer 2008 collection, the Lolly Necklace has been a firm favourite with Tatty Devine fans. It’s even appeared on the necks of sweet toothed pop stars across the world…

Back in 2008, Katy Perry popped into our Soho boutique and snapped up the Lolly Necklace. It became a key piece of her wardrobe and we spotted the cheeky pop star sporting it on stage, during interviews and even for a cheeky FHM calendar. Ooh err!

Falling for our Lolly Necklace? Join Ayesha at our Kent studio and take a peek at how this classic piece is made. First of all, we laser cut each heart piece from a special glossy transparent red Perspex which looks just like a boiled sweet  – though we really don’t recommend you try licking it! Yes, we caught you in the act…

Everybody knows you have to treat a heart tenderly, so the utmost care is taken during the next step. Super skilled Ayesha is tasked with carefully drilling a hole in each heart shaped piece for the lolly stick. You definitely need steady hands…

Phew! We can relax now… When each heart has been drilled and had its protective film peeled off, Ayesha carefully inserts a smooth white Perspex lolly stick into the hollow of each piece and makes sure it’s strongly stuck in place.

The lollies need a little rest to allow the glue to dry. Time for a biscuit and a cup of tea! When they’re totally dry and ready for the finishing touch, we add an adjustable shiny silver chain so you can wear this cute piece of confectionary close to your heart.

Thanks, Ayesha! We’re in serious awe of your drill skills… oh, and your Button Bow Brooch from our Spring Summer 2009 collection!

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