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Phillippa’s Tatty Treasures


If you’re a Tatty Devine fan or a lover of dachshunds, chances are you’ve already seen at least one of
Phillippa’s (aka
@pipeylovesdewi!) snaps on your Instagram travels!

With her daily #Tatty365 hashtag, we love having a nosy at what design she’s going to wear next, so
we caught up with Phillippa to take a closer look at her treasured Tatty Devine collection…

Tell us a little bit about yourself…
Hello, I’m Phillippa and I live in Newport, South Wales with my husband and four mini dachshunds.
I work for a major supermarket as a Price Integrity and Administration Manager, and during my free time
I enjoy taking my little dogs out for long walks and helping out on the family allotment where we have
lots of chickens. I’m also a keen photographer and published writer. Recently I’ve discovered the world of
vinyl and have a small but growing collection!

When and how did your Tatty Devine obsession start?
I’d first discovered Tatty Devine back when I was a student – I’d often design Name Necklaces online
but I could never decide what to go for. I bought my first piece in January 2013, the single Paisley
Rose Necklace. A week later I went back for the earrings and the collection soon began… 
The first
piece I was gifted was the AW14 Fortune Teller Statement Necklace from my husband after dropping
a few hints! I love Tatty Devine because of the originality and how Harriet and Rosie turn things
you’d never expect to be a piece of jewellery into something special and a real talking point.

How many pieces do you now own?
512 pieces and counting!

Wow! How do you store it all?
I store it all in Tatty Devine boxes on a large bookshelf, most boxes are home to several
pieces now as I kept running out of space!

We love seeing your #Tatty365 snaps! How did that hashtag come about?
Aside from the beautiful jewellery the other reason I love Tatty Devine is the group of friends it has
created. After the Lucky Dip Boxes launch in April 2014 I got talking to
Jess, Ruby, and Tracey on
Twitter about our shared love of Tatty Devine and from there we organised a workshop meet, pastel
Forget-Me-Nots Necklaces, in August 2014 where I also met
Kimberley. With ever growing collections
Jess came up with the idea of the Tatty Challenge where we would wear a different piece each day in
the run up to our workshop. I really enjoyed this and kept going afterwards. As a result the
was born and I’ve been doing it for over two years on Instagram! I keep track of what I’ve worn each
month with a compilation shot at the end. This year being leap year I was lucky enough to receive an
extra piece to wear from the lovely people at Tatty Devine, my beautiful Phillippa sky print
Necklace with pink posy charm.

Most treasured design?
I have two! The first piece I bought, the single Paisley Rose Necklace, is very special to me. Once I started
to get more into Tatty Devine and looking back at collections I came across the statement version and fell
massively in love with it – I knew very few had been made so I always thought it would just be a permanent
feature on my wish list. I hit the jackpot last year when I came across one for sale and was lucky enough
to become the new owner, I absolutely love it and would never part with it.

Most worn pieces?
Despite having a very large collection I do find myself getting drawn back to certain designs. My
current favourite is the
Parakeet Large Necklace, mine is the original large from 2012. I also love the
planets from AW13 and during the summer I’ve been wearing my large white Mexican a lot too. As much
as I love
statement pieces one of my other most worn pieces would have to be my cheeky little Dog on
Wheels Necklace, perfect for me being a sausage dog owner!

It’s always great seeing you at our jewellery making workshops! What makes you keep coming back?
I’ve been to 22 workshops so far! I love making exclusive pieces or pieces in different colourways and
also getting to try on everything in the shop before buying a few treats. My favourite makes have included
the white Dinosaur Necklace, Crystal Skull Necklace for Halloween and the Crystal Rainbow Necklace.
Workshops are also a great way for our friendship group to meet up as we are all scattered across the
country, I’m lucky as I often travel down with
Gemma and Lindsey the journey always goes so quickly
when we’re discussing Tatty! I also first met
Sam, Stephanie, Tine, Esme, and Penny at workshops at
Brick Lane. I’ve been to a few very special workshops too, Eye of Horus in Oxford where I first met
Buffy and the 15th birthday celebrations at the Shard where I met SJ. Two of the best workshops
we’ve had have been for big celebrations. November 2015 we had a little baby party for
Jess and in
July we had a special Tatty Devine
hen party for Lora where we made Firework Brooches in honour
of her upcoming nuptials. Workshop Supervisor Charlotte is the best host, going above and beyond
to help as well as creating top playlists.


Latest addition to your collection?
My latest addition is the Crescent Moon Brooch from the new season AW16 Play the Part
collection, I’m hoping for the Scenery Statement Necklace for my birthday in October.

Favourite Name Necklace?
My current favourite is my Mother of Sausages in white pearl with an iridescent bow charm. I’ve got
quite a few with my name on so now I’m getting ones related to my dachshunds! Poppy also has her
Name Necklace from last summer in the rainbow print.

Best Sample Sale finds?
I’ve been lucky enough to have been to two sample sales. Last year my favourite find was my pink
pearly Carousel Horse Necklace. This year I got so many gems it’s difficult to pick just one, my top
three finds were large black séance hands, one-off peachy frosted Bougainvillea Statement Necklace
and white
Dinosaur Giant Necklace. I’d definitely recommend going next year!  

What in your wildest dreams would you like Tatty Devine to bring back or design?
This is a tough question as I own so many amazing pieces already. I’d love them to bring
back a Fireworks Necklace to go with the brooches I have. I would also love a larger Parakeet Necklace
workshop and a full size Mexican Embroidery workshop too – the colour possibilities are endless!

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