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A Tatty 365: Gilly's Tatty Treasures

January 06, 2021 - Alice Barnes
A Tatty 365: Gilly's Tatty Treasures
Throughout 2020 we could rely on a daily notification full of bright colours and glimmers of nostalgia! Using the hashtag #mytattydevinechallenge we spent the last year eagerly awaiting Gilly’s daily glimpse into her impressive Tatty Devine collection. 
With a jewellery collection the envy of all of Team Tatty we wanted to hear more about the story behind the 365... 

Hey Gilly, we love your colourful photos! Tell us a bit about yourself?
I have always been a collector of beautiful things from vintage toys to plastic jewellery. I love bright colours, kitsch ephemera, and cats. I’m a primary school teacher with an interest in politics, protest music and social history. 

When and how did you discover Tatty Devine?
I have always loved plastic jewellery since I was a child, so Tatty’s combination of acrylic, colour and kitsch designs has always appealed to me. I remember buying my first piece of Tatty Devine when I was in secondary school – it was the collab with New Look around 2002. I have been avidly collecting Tatty Devine ever since and when I was at University, I would scour eBay looking for second-hand pieces which I could afford.  

Wow, you’ve been here since the beginning! How much Tatty Devine do you own?
Too much! I have around 700 pieces of Tatty Devine - my earliest piece is from 2002 and my most recent is from AW20. 
I keep track of my collection and Wishlist using Pinterest. 

Woah, with a collection that big how do you keep them all organised? 
I recently bought a 1950’s dentistry cabinet which I have re-purposed for jewellery and I’ve since added LED lights to showcase my favourite statement pieces. I also use plastic drawers, lined with felt, which I organise thematically. 

I have to keep them organised as I like to match my jewellery to what I’m teaching at school that day. The children love to guess what we’re doing based on what necklace I’m wearing.  

Looks so neat, can you come and organise our studio?! What is the latest addition to your collection?
From the current collection it is the Wild Rosehip Statement Necklace from AW20 Desire Paths, which was an end of 2020 present to myself. From previous collections, my partner bought me the Fortune Teller Statement Necklace from AW14 for Christmas. This was a wish list piece for so long and I never thought I’d own it, so I was overwhelmed when I unwrapped it. My partner has great taste in Tatty Devine – he even came to the sample sale with me!

Is there anything on your Wishlist?
I’m always searching for the Mission Control Statement Necklace from SS14,  love any space themed jewellery! I’m currently coveting the Charlie Brown and Friends Necklace and the Pine Cone Statement Necklace

Have you worn a different piece every day or have there been a few you’ve worn the most?
During 2020, I have worn a different piece of Tatty Devine every day. I’ve loved having the challenge to find different pieces and wear those I don’t reach for as often as others. It has made me value my collection even more and remarkably I can remember exactly which pieces I have worn this year. I’m looking for a new Tatty Devine or acrylic jewellery challenge for 2021 - any ideas – shout!

Now that is impressive, you have inspired us to do the same! If you could ask Tatty Devine to design one thing what would it be? 
A 1960’s Sputnik/space race themed collection would literally bankrupt me. I really like the aesthetics, shapes and brutalist designs from the 1960’s which encompasses retrofuturism. 

Noted, that does sound out of this world!
What Tatty Devine does best is capturing a moment and feeling through the beauty of jewellery and that is why I have always proudly worn and displayed my pieces. This year it has been an essential part of getting ready in the morning, choosing the right piece because they have been an extension of my personality all with a story to tell. 

Amazing! Well we have to say a big thank you Gilly for reminding us of old pieces we loved and brightening up our feed every day, we can’t wait to see more of your collection in 2021.
Feeling inspired by Gilly, follow her on Instagram and why not start your own Tatty 365 with the hashtag #mytattydevinechallenge!
Alice Barnes