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August 13, 2018 - Charlotte Prichard


After you've opened all of your presents, eaten a ridiculous amount of roast potatoes and watched every possible Christmas special, there's only one thing left to do - play card games! What better way to end the most festive day of the year than getting competitive with your family after one too many drinks, playing for the last of the Quality Street. Need some inspiration for what card games to play this year? Look no further.

Here's what Team Tatty will be playing this Christmas... 

"I really love Solo Whist. I used to play it a lot with my family in the holidays. The game changes based on what's in people's hands so you never get bored. Sometimes you play against the other three people, or in a pair, sometimes to win all the tricks and sometimes to lose all the tricks. Never a dull moment!" - Rosie

"Growing up, Newmarket was my favourite game - I remember my mum would hide away the TV every Christmas to make us play!" - Harriet

"Mine is Rummy... All of my family play it each year with a bottle of Baileys and some marshmallows by the fire." - Sophie

"Irish Snap! Basically, it's such a simple premise for a card game, very enjoyable and as the rounds start adding up, so does the shouting from losing and the elation from winning!" - Martin

"Well I've always been a fan of Cheat - the art of deception! ;)" - Brenna


Feeling inspired? Let us know which card games you'll be playing by sending us a tweet

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