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AW21: I'm Only Dreaming

August 25, 2021 - Alice Barnes
AW21: I'm Only Dreaming
Dare to dream, explore infinity and open your mind with our Autumn Winter 2021 Limited Edition collection: I’m Only Dreaming. Travel to the stars with astral dreamers and statement planets, interpret your mind's meaning with passion flowers and cardinal birds and fall deeper into slumber with sleeping pills. 
Journey through the land of dreams in the Astral Plane Statement Necklace, a glorious world where all consciousness resides. 
With references to Belle and Sebastian’s Judy and her dream of horses to surrealist painters like Kush, this jewellery collection has been designed with love in London and handmade in Kent. A hypnotic palette of shimmer laser cut acrylic, opalescent pearls and cosmic crystals, turn fantasies into 3D masterpieces decoding dreams full of positive omens of personal growth.
Reminisce on past and future loves with the Cardinal Bird Necklace. Nature in dreams are interpreted to mean many things, a Cardinal Bird flying through your thoughts is often thought to depict a loved one, either one you’ve lost or a new love coming into your life. These feathered friends are also available as a Brooch and Earrings.
“I’m Only Dreaming is a highly personal collection, more than ever it is literally what is inside my head - it’s all about my dreams and things I love… We don’t dream of importance, dreams are a saviour. They are prolific, even in a state of hibernation the human mind is at its most agile.” Harriet Vine MBE
Light up the night with the Candelabra Belle Necklace. Conjuring memories of moving candelabras in the classic Jean Cocteau film “La Belle et la Bête” translated as “Beauty and the Beast”, a love of surrealist film leading us to believe dreams could come true is summed up in this piece. 
Inspired by ever-ending patterns of complexity, just like the path our mind wonders amid slumber, we’ve created a spectacle of gemmed geometric jewellery in our Rainbow Fractal Necklace and Earrings.
Our Seasonal collections are ALL about exclusivity. These hypnotising hero pieces are part of a limited edition run, with only 30 of some of these dreamy jewels available.
Each piece is hand made by our super skilled makers, alongside your exclusive pick you’ll receive a Certificate of Authenticity complete with a handwritten signature from the person who made it.
Shop I’m Only Dreaming online and in-store now.
Alice Barnes