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Christmas Jumper Day

December 09, 2020 - Alice Barnes
Christmas Jumper Day
It’s Christmas Jumper Day! To get in the festive spirit we’ve asked Team Tatty to dress up in their best seasonal sweater to answer some Christmas themed questions. 

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Hey Katie, loving your jumper! Let’s get stuck into some Christmas questions. What is your favourite Christmas song?
Bob Dylan - Must be Santa

What Christmas movie do you watch every year?
This is a fun film called A Christmas Story. Not many people have heard of it but check it out! Spoiler alert look out for the leg lamp.

Christmas tree - real or artificial?
Real! I have a bad habit of picking the short and wide ones! We’ve had some very funny shaped ones over the years.

Favourite piece of Xmas jewellery?
This is tricky! We have done so many goodies. I love the Gingerbread House Brooch, I was so excited about the workshop last year and so happy we’ve brought it back in 2020! 

I love the Holly Earrings, I got these from Santa at a Tatty party in Bethnal Green Working Mens Club. Great night from what I remember.

Sounds like many mulled wines were involved!  What is at the top of your tree?
A funny looking angel that my sister found in a charity shop. She knows I’m a sucker for any old toot and she is a belter!

What is on your christmas list?
An orange le creuset kettle, a toblerone the size of the leg and my dogs to love each other all the time please.

Well hopefully Santa Paws comes through this year, thanks for chatting to us Katie!

Now let’s get Christmassy with Alice...


Alice, what’s your favourite christmas song?
Last Christmas by Wham, it’s a belter.

What will you be sitting back to watch this Christmas?  
Oooh so hard! I’m going to a cinema screening of Love Actually on Friday so I’ll go with that.

Oooh enjoy! Christmas tree - real or artificial?
Has to be real, you can’t beat the smell!

Favourite piece of Xmas jewellery?
It’s toss up between Angel Wings Necklace and the Snoopy Christmas Wreath Necklace! Snoopy looks so chill and it’s such a big post xmas dinner mood.

What is at the top of your tree?
A very squished star.

What is on your christmas list?
I know it’s meant to be a bad present but if anyone wants to buy me some new socks I would be very happy.

The simple things, thanks Alice!
Next up things are getting festive with Annie...

Merry Christmas Annie! What song are you always singing?    
Fairytale of New York and Rockin Around the Christmas Tree.

Your favourite Christmas film?
Muppets Christmas carol OF COURSE.

Great choice, a classic. Christmas tree - real or artificial?    
Real with lots of homemade decs!

Nice! What's your go-to festive piece of jewellery?
A classic Tatty Holly Necklace.
What is at the top of your tree?
A Little Mermaid! I got an Ariel figurine from Disneyland.

What have you asked Father Christmas for?     
A Rob Ryan print, some Boots and a Tatty paisley necklace! 

Let’s hope you’ve made the nice list… We’re sure you have, thanks Annie!

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Alice Barnes