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Get the look! Textiles Nail Art

August 13, 2018 - Charlotte Prichard
Get the look! Textiles Nail Art

We love expressing ourselves with nail art and makeup at Tatty Devine, so earlier this year we teamed up Tabby, makeup artist and manicurist extraordinaire, to create statement looks for our AW16 Play the Part shoot.

Ready to match your nails to you jewellery? Read on as Tabby shares her tips and tricks to create playful nail art inspired by our Textiles collection...


Hey Tabby! How did you become a makeup and nail artist? Well I hadn't always intended to become a makeup artist and manicurist! I actually wanted to be a journalist, but as I started getting into writing I naturally took up a fascination with makeup. I think I was inspired by my family - I have two arty parents so I guess it just rubbed off on me. When I did art in school I never quite found my perfect medium, but when I discovered makeup and saw the works of artists like Kabuki & Pat McGrath it inspired me to make a go of it. I started to assist local makeup artists initially which gave me a lot of insight into the makeup world and now I’ve been a makeup artist for 9 years - it is truly my dream job! The nail world followed me shortly after as I wanted to add to my skills and extend the creativity I could bring to clients. I took a few nail courses, got qualified and have been doing nails for about 3 years now! I love that every day my job is totally different, as one day I might be working on a film project and the next I'll be doing a creative photoshoot. What makes it so inspiring is the people you meet along the way!

Main inspiration behind the Textiles Look? When I think of Tatty Devine I can't help but think of the word fun! After meeting with co-founder Harriet I had a very clear idea of the inspiration behind the collection, so for the Textiles look, I wanted to recreate the design - which is actually easier than it looks, but with my step-by-step guide you can create this look too. Nail art goes hand in hand with the perfect outfit - and that's what we wanted to get across on this shoot!

What tools did you use? Barry M Top/Base Coat - MoYou Nude Nail Polish in "Cafe Au Lait" - Barry M Classic Red Nail Polish Seche Vite Top Coat - Zig zag nail tape - Superdrug Cruelty Free Nail Polish Remover - Q Tips - Nail file MoYou Cuticle Pusher - NPW Nail Art Pointed Nail Brushes


HOW TO! 1) Start by prepping the nail - file the nails into your desired shape and remove any cuticle / dead skin from the surface of the nail plate with some cuticle nippers. Once you’re happy with the shape and removed any dead skin, wipe your nails with some nail polish remover to take off any oils from the surface, as this will help your manicure last longer!

2) Paint on a base coat and two coats of nude nail polish, allowing the colours to dry for about 2-3 minutes between layers.

3) Apply a zig zag sticker two thirds down the nail just above the half moon of your nail. I  found mine at a local craft shop but you can also buy these on eBay if you search for “zig zag nail tape”. Alternatively if you have some pinking shears or scissors you can cut any normal sticker with them to make your own template!

4) Apply red nail polish around the half moon area of the nail up to the zig zag shape and allow it to dry, then apply another coat. Be sure to get right up to the edge of the zig zag template and into the pointy bits - you can do this with a small pointed nail art brush dipped in red polish.

5) After about 3-4 minutes, using tweezers if it’s easier, peel off the zig zag sticker. If some of your zig zag corners haven’t come out as clean and pointy as you would have hoped, using a steady hand just paint them on with a small pointed nail art brush.

6) When this has dried apply a topcoat to all your nails and allow this to dry, then finish with some cuticle oil and you’re all ready to rock the matchy-matchy textiles look!

Stay tuned next week as Tabby will be sharing even more makeup and nail art tips!

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