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Halloween Bewitches The Fashion Pack

August 13, 2018 - Charlotte Prichard
Halloween Bewitches The Fashion Pack
With Halloween a mere seven days away, the age old dilemma rears its (pumpkin) head yet again. What's a gal to wear on the most ghoulish night of the year? If you're still puzzling over the scary/sexy dichotomy and stuck between Herman Munster and the Bride of Frankenstein, let style bible Vogue aid your decision. They have compiled the ultimate online guide to spine chillingly stylish Halloween essentials and hidden amongst the candy and sequin skeletons, intrepid ghostbusters will spy some spooktacular Tatty Devine!  

Follow the Ashish skeleton dress...! It's our friendly little Ghost Necklace!

....the fashion pack are known for their claws so it's no surprise our Black Cat Ring made their shortlist.

So what are you waiting for? (Trick or) treat yourself!