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Holiday Jewellery: What To Pack

June 21, 2023 - Charlotte Prichard
Holiday Jewellery: What To Pack

Are you ready to unleash your inner summer goddess but need a helping hand with the accessories? Look no further than Tatty Devine's holiday-ready jewellery pieces. From citrus-infused necklaces to tropical leaf earrings, we've got you covered for all your vacay needs and holiday must-haves with our Holiday Jewellery: What To Pack blog!


First up, let's talk about the limited edition Citrus Spritz Necklace. This acid-bright statement necklace packs a punch: a mouth-watering wearable cocktail is laser cut from translucent hand-curved orange acrylic, topped with neon-kissed iridescent ice cubes, and a laser-etched citrus slice. With its laser-etched fizz detailing, this unusual necklace is perfect for pairing with sundresses or to add a pop of colour to your outfit for a wedding abroad. Handmade in the UK by Team Tatty, this piece is part of a numbered edition of 75 and comes with a Tatty Devine certificate of authenticity.

If you're in the mood for a little sea-inspired whimsy, the Mini Prawn Earrings - Pink and Goldfish Earrings will surely make a splash. The former features a pair of playful prawns with sweet pink bodies and delicate hand-inked antennae, while the latter boasts a couple of charming koi in shades of white pearl and translucent orange acrylic with bold black cabochon eyes. Both designs are perfect for adding a fun frisson to your beachy ensembles and city break ‘fits.



For a touch of sparkle, the Tropical Leaves Earrings - Glitter Green are the ideal choice. As worn by Sophie Duker on her Taskmaster debut, these dazzling drop earrings feature a pair of hand-curved monstera leaves, recreated in shimmering emerald green laser-cut acrylic and suspended from hypoallergenic gold-tone hooks. They're light and versatile enough to be dressed up or down and are a guaranteed dose of greens for your summer capsule wardrobe.


If you're after something a little more exotic, the Parakeet Necklace - Jungle Green is guaranteed to turn heads. This intricately crafted piece features a vivid green parakeet, laser cut in mirror, and pearl shades of glamorous green acrylic, hand linked to recreate a flying parakeet, complete with an etched beak for extra character. Its unique and playful design makes it the ultimate statement accessory, paired with a classic white tee and metallic Birkenstock sandals.

Last but not least, we have the Swallow Triple Necklace - Turquoise. This pretty piece embodies classic summer style with its swoop of dainty swallow silhouettes, head-turning mirror turquoise acrylic, and sparkling crystal eyes. In case you missed it: this piece is suspended from a silver-tone adjustable chain, to ensure our fashion-forward flight suit every ensemble. 

Now we’ve covered what to pack, let’s avoid broken wings and sun-cream coated chain with three top tips how to pack your holiday jewellery:

  • We know, from experience, our make-up bag quickly fills up with more than cosmetics… but keep your jewellery outta there, just in case your SPF spills or your shampoo gets a little squished! Avoiding liquids and water on your jewellery keeps those metal parts shining.
  • How we transport our jewellery varies amongst Team Tatty: Rosie is a fan of wrapping her Tiger Necklace inside a super soft bikini whereas Charlotte P is all about that pouch life. Our go-to way to avoid jewellery disasters? Pack it the way you received it, that’s in a Tatty Devine box complete with foam and tissue paper.

  • Taking more than one piece? Save space in your carry on and put all your fave in one box. Avoid scratches and tangled chains by separating each piece with a layer of tissue.

So whether you're jetting off to a tropical destination or simply bringing a little vacation vibe to your everyday look, our holiday-ready jewellery has you covered. Shop online and in-store now and get ready to dazzle under the sun.

Charlotte Prichard