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House Crown, anyone?

August 13, 2018 - Charlotte Prichard
House Crown, anyone?

When it comes to designing headpieces, the sky's the limit for Harriet! Over the years, she's created a Moustache for Selfridges, a Shark for the Rodnik Band and most recently, the Head in the Clouds Headband. What could possibly be next? A cute miniature house, of course! We worked together with our friend, the artist Silvia Ziranek to create this one off house headpiece for her performance, "Give to Live: The Magnificence of Munificence" at The Charterhouse in London. We think you'll agree, it's pretty special!

Take a closer look at the detailing on the headpiece. The door knocker is actually a jump ring, usually used to hold your necklaces together - and there's even a letter box and tiny key hole!

We headed along to the performance to see Silvia in action. Here she is, resplendent in the crown: It's not the first time we've created a bespoke piece for Silvia. Back in 2011, we designed toilet inspired (yes, really!) jewellery for her performance at the Wellcome Collection as part of their Dirt exhibition. You can read all about it here! Would you wear the House Crown? What would you like to see Harriet make next?