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Love Your Pet Day: Meet Katie and Eddie

February 19, 2020 - Charlotte Prichard
Love Your Pet Day: Meet Katie and Eddie

Naps, snacks and a zero-floor-sitting policy: this #LoveYourPetDay, we’re taking five and nipping toes with Tatty Devine's cutest duo... 



Stores and workshops star Katie and her mini-me, Eddie Shark!


If you're a regular at our Covent Garden store, you'll be familiar with super workshops host and purveyor of Monmouth Street's finest street style, Katie, and if you're not following her boingy Italian Greyhound Eddie's napping exploits over on his own dedicated Instagram feed, you need to tap that 'follow' button toot sweet! So Katie, spill the beans! 


What's it like to manage the hottest Instagram account on the block

It's an absolute honour! I love nothing more than showing my little lad off and taking snaps of him in his numerous jumpers and watching him grow into a mardy teen, eeeeek! 



Any chance we can borrow Eddie's Pringle X H&M jumper? No? Ok, we’ll accept your top tips for budding social media stars and their personal assistants instead, go!

Treats, blackmail, the usual! Be prepared to take loads of snaps and bore everyone senseless... Eddie makes it easy as he's just so handsome. I wanted a way to record our time together and watch him grow from day one and it's a great thing to look back on. I can't believe how tiny he was when we brought him home! 


"Blackmail? I don't know what you're taco-ing about, Mom..."


Top secret: like every superstar, we’ve got to get the inside scoop on Eddie and his daily habits. Go on, we won’t tell anyone: any diva behaviour? What’re his favourite records to snooze to? 

He won't sit on the floor, at Dog School he simply refused! Laps and sofas only for our Prince of Lewisham.


*trumpet fanfare blares loudly in the distance*


As for records and treats, he's like his Dad and loves a bit of Boards of Canada or Tycho to chill to. He also insists on snacks and anything squeaky from BowWow in Seven Dials, and any opportunity to annoy Bailey the lovely dog from our neighbours in Fashercise. Oops!


The people need to know: is there a rider for when he visits you over in our Covent Garden store? 

His Tatty Devine aunties love nothing more than snuggles in the stores, he's so spoilt and loved! We obviously have to wear our personalised Eddie Name Necklaces when he pops by, it's only fair really...



Let's get deep: what difference has Eddie and his long, long legs made to your life?

I have always had cats in my life: I was so spoilt with a very dog-like cat called Elmo, he lived to ripe old age of 21 and he was amazing. Since then, I've been desperate for a dog, me and our Paul would talk about them all the time and long for any dog on public transport to sit next to us! Dogs are so welcome in both Tatty Devine stores and if anyone comes in with a dog, it simply makes our day!

When I finally felt grown up enough and we moved to a place with a garden we decided that it was finally time and here we are. It's amazing being a dog mum, I practically run home off the train home to see him again! He makes me so full of joy; he knows when I am sad or happy, he's always there and I love him so much. 

PS - Shout out to workshop attendees, customers, and colleagues who listen to me bang on about him all the time!



Now, young Eddie! Which piece of Tatty Devine are you desperate to get your paws on? 

🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾 The Fanny the Dog Necklace of course! Fanny was a fellow little dog who probably loved to chase anything that squeaked, also Mom has Mancunian blood so it's like we are related innit? Fanny being a Manchester Terrier and all! 🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾



And Katie, what about you? Which piece are you desperate to work down the dog park and parade around Pets at Home’s aisles?

Oooooooh, loads from SS20 actually, but at the moment it's gotta be the Sweet Pea Brooch or Snoopy and Woodstock Forever Necklace (it's me and our Eddie cuddling innit) Blerrghhh!


"Look! I call this the Shark Selfie™️..."


That's Fanny the Dog, a Sweet Pea Brooch, Snoopy and Woodstock... We’ll get our people to call your people, Eddie! Join in the #LoveYourPetDay cuteness over on Twitter and share your furry family members with us - your Thursday just got cuter...