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Make Your Future!

June 10, 2019 - Charlotte Prichard
Make Your Future!

Craft rules, OK! We’re delighted to announce our Campaign For Creativity, in partnership with the Crafts Council: a project to champion the arts and raise awareness of its current plight within the education system.



Here at Tatty Devine HQ, we’re concerned that we’re spiralling towards a generation that will have been denied vital first-hand experience of making, crafting and the benefits they bring to makers. You know what we’re talking about: from basic to not-so-basic skills, the sharing of expertise and communication of ideas, plus that sense of pride that comes with self-expression and in turn, happiness. This just won’t do and we’re here to make sure YOU join the fight for creativity: are you ready? Take a peek at our laser cut love letter to pliers, needles, wool and paper: the Make Your Future collection is here!



Got a passion for porcelain? Throw on the Art Is Life Vase Earrings! We’ve laser cut a pair of classical vases in terracotta-hued acrylic, etched and hand inked with a rousing missive for all ceramic fanatics. C-c-c-craft power to the rescue! Soup up your cordless glue gun with our Craft Power Battery Brooch and Necklace, laser cut and lovingly layered by hand in our Kent studio.



Slip the Crafter Hair Slide in your ‘do for all the creative clout. Psst, it looks super cute teamed with the Measuring Tape Hair Slide, just saying... Spell it out in the Create Necklace, laser cut in fresh aqua and cream acrylic and hand layered by our talented team of makers. What will you create today? She’s crafty! Layer up our Maker Necklace with your own creations, laser cut in lilac and yellow acrylic for a sweet retro feel. Whether it’s for yourself, friends or your banging Etsy store… we’re all makers!



Aww! Our Creative Words Necklace is the perfect ode to the many caps you wear as a creative, laser cut and layered in laser cut pastel acrylic, perfect for popping under a vintage collar. The Creativity For Joy Necklace is our tribute to that very special feeling! Set down your scalpel and pick up the Making Mat Brooch, laser cut in bright white and green acrylic to mimic a classic cutting mat, complete with a miniature pair of glitter silver scissors. That warm, fuzzy, accomplished sense you feel when you’re busy creating?



Dare to dream in the I Make Speech Bubble Necklace. Laser-cut layers of black and white acrylic are etched and hand inked with a powerful missive and testament to the power of craft. Go the distance in the Measuring Tape Hair Slide, laser cut in the cutest baby blue acrylic, complete with etched and hand inked measurements and the statement, ‘craft rules OK!’ How cute is our mini Measuring Tape Necklace? We’ve recreated an unfurled measuring tape in glossy cream acrylic, etched and hand inked with measurements.



Picture the Our Future Is In The Making Necklace around your neck! We’ve recreated a classic cross-stitch in laser cut, etched and hand inked acrylic, complete with a matt gold frame and adjustable gold-tone chain.

‘Working with the Crafts Council has shown us how schools are no longer necessarily equipped with the tools and craft skills to inspire future makers from an early age.’ - Rosie Wolfenden, MBE, Tatty Devine co-founder

£1 per piece sold from the #MakeYourFuture collection will be donated to the Crafts Council, to support them in equipping schools in the UK with the necessary tools & craft skills to inspire and upskill future makers.

Like what you see? Shop the collection online and in-store now!