Meet the Team | Meg

Meet the Team | Meg

Charlotte Prichard, 10 November 2017

To celebrate the launch of our NEW Name Necklace font, Varsity, we caught up with Store Star and Team Tatty's very own cheerleader, Meg!

Tell us a little about how you got into cheerleading...

Well, I started acrobatic gymnastics when I was 9 and competed regionally and nationally in that for almost 10 years, so I sort of grew up with competitive sport and knew I wanted to carry on with something similar at uni. Cheerleading is like acrobatic gymnastics in a lot of ways and I've been a lifelong fan of 'Bring It On'/love a jazzy uniform so I was really keen to give it a go. I built up the courage to try out for my uni team, the UAL Royals, to find I really loved the sport and the team and have stuck with it since!

When and where did you first discover Tatty Devine?

I grew up in a fairly small village that is pretty much just canals and a Morrisons so my best friend and I spent all our time obsessing over fashion magazines. We saw a piece of Tatty in an editorial and it kick started our mutual obsession with acrylic jewellery. We used to send each other our favourite pieces from the new collections and the Covent Garden store was actually one of the first places I came when I finally escaped the village and moved to London. It's pretty surreal to now work there every day!

Best thing about your job?

Definitely working with all the ladies on Team Tatty! As a feminist gal myself I'm so proud to work for an independent company run by incredible and creative women, who also all happen to be the loveliest bunch of people. I feel very lucky to get to work with my friends and have a behind the scenes look at a brand I've been a huge fan of since I was a keen teen.

What's your fave Tatty piece?

There's a special place in my heart for the rainbow parakeet. I'm a mirror perspex enthusiast so it really does the trick for me and I've spent many a night polishing mine to perfection over a Netflix marathon. On the throwback front, the statement fortune teller hands will forever be my one that got away.

Away from work, what are your hobbies and interests?

I've been seriously into paper cutting since I saw Rob Ryan and Mia Pearlman's work whilst doing my art foundation. I love making big paper installations and I'm currently illustrating a children's book, so really anything crafty I'm interested! On a less productive note, I'll happily waste my life away watching literally any youtube makeup tutorial and taking my glitter eyeliner too far getting ready to 'RuPaul's Drag Race'.

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