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August 13, 2018 - Charlotte Prichard

Stuck for Christmas gift ideas? Need some inspiration? We chatted to our East London neighbours to ask which Tatty Devine pieces they'll be popping under the tree (or what they've got on their own wish lists!). To spread the neighbourly love, Rosie and Harriet share their top picks from our neighbours too... helping you choose the perfect presents this Christmas.




Luna & Curious is one of our favourite local boutiques, so we asked Rheanna from their team to pick out her top Tatty gifts… "The La Luna Necklace is just perfect for the Luna’s of Luna & Curious, so this would be a gift for partners Kaoru Parry & Polly George. I’m a little obsessed with the moon, and dream of the day that I can have my own moon swing like the old portrait. I also have a small Dinosaur Necklace, but would love to upgrade to the mega big bling version, so the Giant Dinosaur Necklace would be a present to myself!"

Rosie popped into Luna & Curious and tells us what she has her eye on... "These striped plates are really fun, and if you're feeling generous get the whole set - they look amazing together! They are made in Stoke on Trent by highly skilled craftsmen, making them even more special. As well as stripes, I also love (nearly) anything polka dot and these Blood Orange Polka Dot Socks are no exception. They are a brilliant bright orange and made from Egyptian double thread cotton - a treat for anyone's feet!"


Thelma and Paul of Bernstock Speirs have been both friends and long time neighbours of Tatty Devine since the beginning. Thelma picks out her Tatty favourites that she remembers from the turn of the century... "From the Classic range, I would pick these Price Ticket Cuff Links for my brother who lives in Canada – he’d be very amused by these! I also love the Plectrum Necklace from the 15th Birthday Collection and would buy it for myself… because I am learning the electric guitar.”

Harriet, always one to make a statement, chooses her favourite hat to wear this winter... "I love the original veil beanie; every time I see someone wear one of these I am struck by how great they look, the perfect fix of elegance and cool."



We love a good rummage through Beyond Retro’s vintage treasure trove on our lunch break, so we asked Victoria, Head of Press & Marketing, which Tatty pieces she's lusting after... “I'm a sucker for a statement necklace, the bigger the better, and ever since seeing these GINORMOUS Giant Red Lobster Necklaces on the staff at B.O.B.'s Lobster, I've been utterly obsessed. They combine my two favourite things in life - food and fashion! I also love my earrings to err on the maximalist side, so these Pegasus Gold Earrings are my earring of choice; gold, shiny and named after a winged god. Just perfect."

This week Harriet and Rosie have been sporting their sparkly Christmas jumpers in the studio... "What better gift to give at Christmas than a vintage Christmas jumper from Beyond Retro! The more sequins, beads or detail, the better!"


Artist Rob Ryan, a close friend of ours who we collaborated with on our fine jewellery collection, selects his favourite gifts... "I'd get the Victoria Necklace for my daughter Babs, she has lived in Victoria all her life, she is pure SW1!! I'd get the Ruby Slippers Necklace for my friend Staf's daughter - a lovely young lady called Ruby! I have a Ping Pong Necklace myself but I'd get this for my friend Howie - he worked on the table tennis at the London Olympics and ever since has gone Ping Pong crazy!"

Rosie and Harriet, often found exploring Ryan Town on Columbia Road said... "Anything by Rob Ryan is a winner for us and our friends, but these egg cups make an *eggcellent* present! There are a few to choose from so are nice to collect. Rob's latest book is absolutely beautiful, with every page illustrated to tell the story of a young boy who doesn't want to be King. This is a great gift for all ages."


Known for her innovative designs and beautiful shop displays, Tracey Neuls tells us what's caught her eye at Tatty this season... "I like the new edition Rob Ryan rose gold design and title 'A Knot To Help Remember Ring'. Also, the Cat Bangle is witty, graphic but subtle."

Rosie says... "I am slightly obsessed with Tracey Neuls' shoes and have had my eye on these since they came out. The low rubber heels are very comfortable and give a good grip to cycle in. I love the circus inspired detail - a pom pom in silhouette."

And there you have it. We hope you're feeling MUCH more inspired about what to get this Christmas - Happy shopping!