Amy Durrant, 18 May 2009

Earlier this year we were asked to design and make the 100th birthday cake for Selfridges.  We took on the challenge with pleasure, as cake is one of our favourite things.  We custom-made the cake boards in Selfridges black and yellow and raided our workshop for lots of cute shapes and ribbons to decorate it with.  The three tiered cake featured, amongst other things, a record in tribute to Delia's work on the cake for the cover of the Rolling Stones album "Let It Bleed". We decorated it with multicoloured iced flowers topped with lips and stars.  The next tier was held up by four dancing cupids holding heart-shaped lollies.  It was strewn with musical instruments and silver shoes, with ribbon and notes creating a musical stave around the edge.  The top tier was supported by a can-can line of sexy legs and was completely covered in multicoloured candles, our favourites being the ones that look like little crayons.  

As part of the celebrations that are happening this month, a replica of the cake was made for their birthday party.  It was a special do with champagne and cake and everyone singing "Happy Birthday". The cake was wheeled on by some "ladies" wearing specially designed dresses by Giles. Boris Johnson was one of the people who cut the cake, which was an interesting pairing with Johnny Woo (it made for some good pictures...).  Then the party carried on with some records being played by the Lonely Hearts DJs wearing nice ruffs.

The cake also features in a special edition of the Selfridges magazine which is out now, celebrating 100 years of the marvelousness that is Selfridges.  Happy Birthday!!!!

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