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Spotted! Red Squirrels

September 04, 2018 - Charlotte Prichard
Spotted! Red Squirrels

It's no secret that here at Team Tatty HQ, we love a woodland pal! So without further ado, meet the Red Squirrel Necklace

We've previously recreated our favourite critter in walnut wood but this season, caramel-hued and frosted orange acrylic is the order of the day, whilst etched and inked whiskers and beady little Swarovski crystal eyes are the finishing touches. What's that hidden between its paws? Only a tiny, tortoiseshell acrylic acorn! 

Did you know that co-founder Rosie Wolfenden is an Isle of Wight native? Yep, hailing from the picturesque village of Bonchurch, Rosie proudly flies the flag for her tiny island off the South coast of England. Red squirrels are the only variety you can find over there, so they're pretty close to our heart... and hopefully, yours too!

Lapel lover? Don't worry, our matching Red Squirrel Brooch will do the trick! We're already dreaming of chilly days and cosy knits in the studio, complete with hot chocolate runs to our Bethnal Green neighbours, Holy Shot!

Say hello to late summer with this cheeky chap, available online and in store now...