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SS21: How It's Made

February 24, 2021 - Alice Barnes
SS21: How It's Made
With the launch of our NEW collection Held by Many Hands, we’re paying homage to Goddesses from all over the world, from prehistory to present. It’s time to explore the essence of women and the process behind creating our limited edition Spring/Summer 2021 collection.

Inspired by the notion that goddesses are all-seeing and always watching over us, guiding us we created our limited edition Dream Goddess Necklace.

Two sleeping eyes, adorned with crystals and shining stars, have been meticulously designed and layered over laser cut lapis lazuli blue acrylic. An all-seeing eye sits in between, looking out for your hopes and dreams. Each Dream Goddess Necklace is made up of 36 separate pieces in 14 different colours, all intricately etched and hand painted with luxurious golds and pinks.

Shrines to Konohana Sakuya-Hime, the princess of volcanoes can be found all over Mount Fuji. Also referred in Japanese mythology as the Cherry Blossom goddess; seen as gentle, soft and sensible she is a symbol of delicate earthly life. Inspired by this goddess, we’ve captured the fleeting beauty of life and flowers in the Sakuya Blossoms

Five laser cut and expertly hand curved Cherry Blossom flowers flourish in pearlescent and shimmering tones of pinks, intricately embellished with satin stamen, flower crown and beaded buds. The detailing in the Sakuya Blossom Statement Necklace is so ornate each translucent pollen piece has over 250 individually etched and hand painted circles! In one Statement there are 10 pollen pieces, you do the maths… WOW!

Look even more closely and you'll see even more magical elements, each petal on every blossom blooms with a feminine profile portraying this goddess of life and beauty.

Despite being in a lockdown we wanted to create imagery special enough for this limited edition collection. Team Tatty got to work, from Harriet adorning props with pearls, our makers showing off their skills, taking model shots in bedrooms to primping and preening the final product. 

From land to the sea, we’re celebrating ALL the goddesses with Held by Many Hands. Inspired by Botticelli’s iconic Birth of Venus, we've created a 3D masterpiece of glistening scallop shells. So expertly hand curved and intricately etched and hand inked with over 300 crescents on each shell, our Venus Shells are so realistic if you put them to your ear, you’ll hear the sea.

Beautiful bejewelled the Venus Shell Statement shines with 36 hand placed crystals and cabochons, like jewels of the ocean. 

Shop Held by Many Hands online now. While you're there, why not check out the lookbook!
Alice Barnes