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Star Customer: Gabi

August 13, 2018 - Charlotte Prichard
Star Customer: Gabi

We first spotted this month's Star Customer Gabi as she shopped in our stores and quickly became envious of her offbeat, colourful style. We couldn't believe it when she let slip that over the years, her collection has grown to over 67 pieces of Tatty Devine! As we got to know Gabi, we discovered her talent for nail art and a devout passion for anything that purrs. Yes, this girl really grabbed our attention. Join us as we explore Gabi's world (and wardrobe), beginning with her jewellery box: Hi Gabi! Tell us a bit about yourself. When and how did you discover Tatty Devine? I first discovered Tatty Devine about 10 years ago. I was in LOVE with the Name Necklaces and would spend ages trying to decide which I wanted. I didn't actually get one until a couple of years later when my then boyfriend, now husband got me one for my birthday. I blame him for my obsession and he definitely feeds it! We've heard you have an amazing collection of Tatty Devine jewellery! Which are your favourite pieces? That is a tricky one!

The Tiger Necklace and Lobster Necklace are worn a lot as they make a outfit and are loved by everyone. I get so many compliments when wearing them.

The Quill Necklace is also a fave as it was a gift for my first wedding anniversary. I also love my wedding jewellery which the lovely ladies at your Brick Lane store customised for me: Aw, we love Tatty Devine brides! How would you describe your personal style? Fun, colourful, sometimes smart (for work), often silly but always with lots of catty and Tatty! What’s your favourite item of clothing at the moment and why? My favourite item at the moment are my leopard print Nike Air Max. I wear them all the time! Those along with disco pants, black batwing Lazy Oaf shirt and sparkly socks! Just a few things! Where do you find fashion inspiration? I follow Mademoiselle Robot's blog which is great for inspiration and I love her style too. Us, too! Are you a fan of any other designers or brands? My new love is Vivetta. Really cute and girly and I'm more than a bit obsessed with the S/S13 cat print dress! Also my long time fave, Lazy Oaf and I really wish I owned a pair of Terry De Havilland heels......... A little bird told us all about your cat obsession...! How did it begin? Ha! Yes, I LOVE cats! I have always been a fan but the obsession didn't fully kick in until I got little Olive who is featured in my photos a LOT! A few years later, we got Olive a friend, Babs (better known as 'Naughty Barbara'). Not the greatest of friends, but I think deep down they would be lost without each other. Because of the Catty and Tatty obsession, my long suffering friend and photographer Mouse (aka Helen) and I decided to spend a Saturday night in and photograph the cats wearing Tatty Devine. That's when 'Project TatCat' was born: I would say a night well spent...  We're sure Olive and Babs thought so too! Here at Tatty Devine, we're all big fans of  nail art. Tell us about your business PowWow Nails. PowWow Nails is me and my best friend Sammy J, aka Sammy POW and Gabi WOW. It all started as a bit of fun over a year ago and now we are the traveling nail girls doing  events, parties and hen do's. Basically any girly gathering and we are there! What are your most popular designs? Fruity nails are always a hit! I love silly little faces and naughty words too.... Strawberry nails? Yes, please! What are your aspirations for the future? More cats and more collections! Oh, and a bigger place to house them all in! We love your colour coded and labelled boxes! What in your wildest dreams would you like Tatty Devine to make next? Customised pet portraits, like the Tiger Necklace but of anything you want! I would obviously get a Olive and Babs. What a purrrfect necklace they would make! Now we know your style secrets, we're determined to add a pop of rainbow colour to our wardrobe too. PowWow Nails need to make a trip to the Tatty Devine studio soon - your polka dot nail art is the perfect match for our new S/S13 Hot House Ladybird jewellery. Thank you for being our Star Customer, Gabi! We’ll be sending you some jewellery to add to your collection – though Olive and Babs might try and get their paws on it! If you’d like to be our Star Customer, here’s how to get noticed: tag Tatty Devine any time you post a photo of you wearing your jewellery on Facebook. You can also tweet us on @tattydevine when you post photos of yourself wearing Tatty Devine on Twitter.