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May 14, 2018 - Amy Durrant

All aboard! Have you discovered our Year of the Bus jewellery, yet? We've teamed up with the London Transport Museum to celebrate some of our favourite London locations and we gave one lucky Tatty Devine fan the chance to name the final piece in the collection. The winner? Camden Town, of course! Stephanie won us over with her passionate ode to the offbeat borough and her suggestion was immortalised in Perspex alongside Shoreditch, Covent Garden and more...

Planning a visit to Camden Town? Join North London native (and Team Tatty's chief baker!) Lucy as she gives you the lowdown on her must-visit places:

"Your first stop? Obviously Marine Ices – the best ice cream in London.  They’re a family business which is lovely as there’s always loads of families that go in for Sunday lunch.  Also, they don’t judge you if you just have ice cream for dinner (not that I would obviously!)

Next up is the Roundhouse. It’s a lovely venue and they have a really wide range of performances (I saw Lucha Libra there a couple of years ago and it rocked my world!). They also do a lovely brunch and you can go for barbecues on the roof in summer.

I do like a drink at The Dublin Castle. The Hawley Arms is so touristy now but the Dublin Castle is still old school. It's dinky and scuzzy inside, but it has proper Camden history (people like Blur played there when they were first starting out)!

Park Way Greens is a lovely new greengrocers . They sell lots of different types of beetroot which makes them very good eggs in my book.  Also, Liberty London Girl shops here so they must be good!

In conclusion – Camden is amazing.  There’s a million and one different reasons why but the main one being that, no matter how snotty people are about it and say it's just for tourists, its my home!  I moved there when I was as young and green as green can be and I’ve never felt more a part of somewhere than I do there."

Thank you for taking us on a tour and sharing your favourite haunts, Lucy! Show your love for Camden Town with the new London Transport Museum collection now.

With thanks to Hidden London for image one, BA High Life for image two, Cool Places for image three and Park Way Greens for image four.
Amy Durrant
Amy Durrant