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Tatty Devine's favourite female podcasts

August 13, 2018 - Charlotte Prichard
Tatty Devine's favourite female podcasts

We often listen to podcasts in the Tatty Devine studio, so we wanted to share our favourite girl-fronted shows with you. We're even appearing on one of them tonight, Peppermint Candy. Jazz FM is no longer a guilty pleasure now they've got this swinging new show. It's fronted by the Broken Hearts DJs, two super stylish girls who put a contemporary twist on vintage sounds. You can stream their weekly shows on the Jazz FM website - and don't miss the tonight's show (June 16th 2011), when Tatty Devine designers Rosie and Harriet are being interviewed and giving away these Peppermint Candy Name Necklaces:

Broken Hearts DJs in Tatty Devine Peppermint Candy necklaces

Next up is Rita and Mona's Kitchen Broadcast, which will instantly transport you somewhere fun and French. It's recorded by Cléo Ferin (who also designs these silk scarves) and her friend Simone. They play the jolliest continental party music and chat about orange juice and Casablanca vintage stores. Ooh la la! Rita and Mona Sisters Zoë and Becky Grisedale-Sherry not only have one of the best surnames ever, they also broadcast one of the best female-fronted podcasts around. They present a regular show on London Fields Radio as Sisters of Mirthy, broadcasting out of a coffee shop on Wilton Way in Hackney (Wilton Way is one of London's most happening streets right now). This is "riot grrrl radio", playing grrrl bands, interviewing zinesters, listing the top female drummers of all time, and bringing a DIY city attitude to your head: Sisters of MirthyRock It To The Moon is a French music webzine named after an album by one of Rosie's favourite bands, Electrelane. The site hosts a one-off podcast from Electrelane's guitarist Mia Clarke. Mia says "this podcast pretty much reflects the music being played loudly in my apartment on a daily basis". Think Warpaint, Deerhunter and Nina Simone. Mia Clarke Listen in to some crazy-but-true stories with the Spark London podcast. Spark is a monthly storytelling night where ordinary people tell true stories from their lives. It's run by Joanna Yates, and she puts out a podcast of one true story every week. Subscribe on iTunes or listen on MixCloud. Our favourites are The Rhino Auction from Rachael Matthews, New York Story from Rachel Mars and MySpace or His? by Andrea Hubert. Joanna Yates of Spark London Get your ears around some oddities with artist Georgina Starr's Grrrrrrradio. You never know what you might hear as she puts up gems from the archive of sound she's collected over her career. Conversations, whistling, pyschic readings, film clips, field recordings, interviews, spirit communications, love ballads, answer machine messages and other audio curios wait to be discovered. Georgina StarrWoman's Hour is a blog and podcast from female DJ duo Blue and Cerys, whose only rule when it comes to music is that it's by ladies. They play lost greats from the 60s, 70s and 80s - think gospel, go-go and grunge.  Listen to their podcasts on SoundCloud here and here. Woman's HourLa Digit do PR for a lovely roster of bands, and we like the Sunshine Pop podcasts they put together for YMC's S/S11 collection. They're full of dreamy 60s summer pop, so perfect to play as you drive to a festival (you'll think you're in a vintage camper van even if you're driving a Ford Fiesta). That's our podcast pick - what are you listening to?