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Team Tatty's Top Instagram Tips

August 13, 2018 - Charlotte Prichard
Team Tatty's Top Instagram Tips

Have you heard? Thanks to you amazing bunch, we've reached 50k fans on Instagram!

We love sharing behind-the-scenes snaps, colourful snippets and a look into the world of Tatty Devine with you. Want to know what goes through our heads when we're snapping our pictures? Here are our tips for upping your Instagram game...

MIX UP YOUR BACKGROUNDS Whether you're shooting a flat lay or a snap of your outfit, mixing up your backgrounds with different colours and textures can make all the difference - try using wallpaper samples, wooden tables, colourful walls or your brightest dress!

PLAY AROUND WITH APPS Rather than heading straight for Instagram's filters, play around with photo editing apps such as Afterlight, VSCO Cam and A Beautiful Mess. You'll be able to do all the basics from contrast to exposure, right up to adding words, filters and fun borders.

COMPOSITION Shooting on square mode means straight away you can focus on the composition, rather than having to worry about the crop. Play around with shooting your subject in the centre, leaving blank space, or filling your frame to the max.

 FIND THE PERFECT LIGHT Try and find some natural light by heading outside or heading closer to a window - you'll notice that your images become brighter and less grainy instantly.

PROPS It's always fun including food in our snaps (because it means we get to eat them afterwards!). Sweets always go down a treat on Instagram, but you can also try postcards, pens, a mug of tea, makeup, flowers and patterned stationery to make your images more fun.

LEARN YOUR SELFIE ANGLES If you want to show off your new jewellery or outfit - it's all about the selfie! It might take you a while to find your perfect angle, but you'll get there. Try taking your selfie straight on rather than from above or below, it's much more flattering. If you're still trying to master things, ask a friend to help take your snap, or if you're feeling camera shy, taking a detailed shot will do the trick.

SHARE SHARE SHARE Remember to share your pictures on Twitter too - and don't forget the hashtags! Wearing Tatty Devine? Share your pictures with #MyTattyDevine and #TattyDevine on Instagram as we'll be reposting our favourites and you may even appear on our MyTattyDevine Pinterest board!

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