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The Party Edit

November 20, 2020 - Katie Vickers
The Party Edit
So, we think it’s safe to admit that the whole Covid thing is starting to get us down a bit. Spending an hour on elaborate eyeshadow blends just to take the bins out? Wearing a statement lip on that Monday morning zoom call whilst wearing saggy leggings? Us too! 

An elaborate Christmas party may not be on the cards (Team Tatty are devastated) but there is nothing stopping us from making big efforts (from the waist up, anyhow). No need for sore feet after dancing too hard, as we shall be wearing slippers this year and some joy around our necks, of course!

We are pioneers of a statement, even if we do say so ourselves. Full and part-time Goths and Rainbow challenge participants! We have something for you. Zoom, Houseparty or cooking up a fancy storm, we have you covered to ensure you are looking suitably smashing.

We understand at Team Tatty that a Dinosaur isn’t for everyone so we have collated a little list of statements to assist you being the belle of the virtual ball...

Our bestselling Bubbles Necklace is a classic. We created this beauty back in 2014 as a Covent Garden store exclusive and decided it was way too good to be left there. 

It’s a great necklace that comes in 2 x Classic sizes for the brave and the braver! Or if you are feeling really extra, we have a super statement too, WOW. 

This one is a go to necklace when we wanna look cool and classic, heads up, it looks amazing on dark colours for all of those “I don’t do colour, I wear black” types. The colours are peachy keen! So nice. 

“I’m more of a classic type, me.” 
Mexican Embroidery has been a firm fave in our Classic collection for many years. You cannot beat the classic coloured version.

It’s a perfect all-year-rounder that is ace for summer parties (those were the days, eh?) weddings and winter do’s alike. Loads of jump rings in this beauty which means loads of movement for the 10pm worm after one too many Proseccos.

Be like Kyle and Alexa and go bold with our Giant Lobster Necklace. A cult classic if you will?! A wriggly beauty that has been a firm fave of Team Tatty and A-listers alike. 

Love Christmas? The Holly Statement Necklace is the one for you! It’s essentially an Xmas jumper that you don’t feel like a silly sausage in! (or a pig in a blanket)

No judgement if you start wearing this one in July btw.

Like the finer things in life? Us too, usually post payday mind. Our rose gold Champagne Tower Necklace with fizzy champagne coupes, balanced beautifully with an overspill of iridescent bubbles, yum! 

Heads up, if you are a “I’ll just have the one or two” these come in earrings and a pendant too...

If you are a fan of some non foliage festive cheer then the Cracker Bang Necklace maybe for you. We’ve re-worked this for 2020 to now feature a lil’ selection cracker faves and a dad joke, too! (sorry, not sorry) 

Take a ride and make some noise in our Ooohhh Statement Necklace, if monochrome is your thing, this one could be for you! Pssssst! Hurry, this one won’t be kicking about forever. Seen on the telly as it was worn by Harriet herself, another winner amongst Team Tatty.

So if you are peeling spuds, trying to get on a Zoom or participating in another Houseparty quiz let's ensure we make the best out of a strange time, it may be Chrimbo in Limbo but we can do it in style, friends.