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Valentine's Day: Team Tatty LOVE

February 13, 2022 - Alice Barnes
Valentine's Day: Team Tatty LOVE
 Happy Valentine’s Day, love Team Tatty! To show how much we LOVE YOU, we’re bringing you Team Tatty’s top loves of the moment. Sharing is caring and we’ve got something for everyone…

Music sounds better with you
Telling other people your favourite tunes is totally the eighth love language. Our co-founder Rosie is all about boosting morale with the experimental pop bangers of Self Esteem.

Spending 14th February with a pack of warm beer and a Chaise Longue, Alice loves Wet Leg

Pop on a podcast
Perfect for that morning commute or to listen to while writing love letters, Team Tatty’s podcast pundits Charlotte S and Fizz have you covered. Captivated by true crime and conspiracies? Check out Drinking the Koolaid, hosted by two lovely ladies, Charlotte S thinks it’s gore-some! 

Not, we repeat, not based on personal experience, Laser Cutter Supervisor Fizz’s recommendation, Help I Sexted My Boss, is a guaranteed laugh-a-minute. It’s official: cringey just became cool and this baby will definitely banish those winter blues.

Snack time
Food for thought: Veganuary isn’t just for January! Channel store star Maddie and get munching on vegan gyozas with your Juno Birch YouTube binge. The Sims walkthroughs and eyeliner tips? Sounds like the perfect night-in!

Knead to know the perfect pizza spot? Meg just loves Mare Street Market for scrummy sourdough pizzas and the sparkliest chandeliers you’ll ever see. Catch our studio team scoffing a Margarita at least one lunchtime a week.


Peckish? We’ve got you covered with all the snack inspo, here’s what's getting Team Tatty’s sweet tooth tingling on a tea break. Fizz’s wild for a Ritter Sport Marzipan Chocolate, Chris goes choco-crazy for Galaxy Minstrels and Creative Director Harriet’s mornings are all the better with a bit of bitter: enter Lindt Excellence Ecuador 75 Dark Chocolate.

Straw really going to love this: take a leaf out of Sian’s 10-year long obsession with Bubble Tea and shop Sian’s top-three teas. The go-to: Mango Black tea with Tapioca and Strawberry Popping Boba. More into milk tea? Woo Tea in  Soho has you covered; opt for either Woo Boba Milk tea with pearls or Black Oolong Milk tea with Pearls. Tasty!

Whatcha reading?
The Tatty Devine Book Club starts here…Elysia is loving Ben Aaronovitch’s book series Rivers of London, think CSI meets Harry Potter! 

Take it from us, there’s nothing better than a cosy night in with candles, a bubble bath, and a good book. Nicolle can’t get enough of her favourite writer Colleen Hoover,“her books are dreamy and always keep you on the edge of your seat!”

Page-turning power comes in the form of Manifesto by Bernadine Everisto. One of Rosie’s top authors, this one is next on her 'to-read' list!

And the rest…
Taking notes? Scroll on for more passions that make our hearts skip a beat, from art and culture to the brands that are making us weak at the knees. Sigh!
Love to be scent-er of attention? Carta d'Armenia’s fragranced papers - doused in aromatic spices - come highly recommended by Team Tatty’s Chris. Currently sold out (yep, they’re that desirable), these little luxuries are perfect for popping in drawers to keep your beloved sweaters smelling sweet.

Keep it cultural with Charlotte P. As an art lover, she’s hoping to be swept off her feet and taken to the technicolour 'Keep Being Amazing' exhibition at Firstsite, Colchester. A Tatty Devine X Morag Myerscough SUPER BLOCKS Necklace would do nicely, too!

Dress to impress with Elysia’s go-to brand Olivia Rubin. Think pastels, prints and super shiny silks  straight out of Disney’s Fantasia, with all the ombre accents. We’ll take the lot!

Wow, that just about sums it up! Gosh, we have good taste. We hope your Valentine’s Day is full of love and a side of our favourite things, too! X

Alice Barnes