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Viva Frida!

August 13, 2018 - Charlotte Prichard
Viva Frida!

Frida Kahlo is a perpetual source of inspiration for us all at Team Tatty. She was the ultimate feminist and her incredible work defied convention - so it was inevitable that one day Rosie and Harriet would immortalise her into a piece of jewellery!


Since her debut in our SS12 collection, over the years we’ve reimagined Frida in new designs, with her famous floral crown appearing in fresh colourways - you guys have even snapped up one-off Fridas at our famous Sample Sales!


In 2012 we teamed up with queen of colour Sue Krietzman to design a very special (and flamboyant!) statement necklace for her show, Dare to Wear. Plus singer Ren Harvieu and activist Amal Clooney are fans of our Frida designs too!

We’re always wearing our Frida Necklaces at Tatty, so we caught up with some of the team to find out why Frida is so special to them...

“Frida represents to me key feminist values. Her work questions conventional beauty, gender and what it meant to be a woman in the 20th century. There wasn't a subject too taboo for her.” - Rosie

''Frida was truly ahead of her time in breaking stereotypes in her style and views. It is always inspirational to see woman pushing boundaries in this way.'' - Jenni

“I love Frida because of her attitude to life and love, she like others I admire taught me that I should express myself artistically and through self image. She taught me to be passionate and take no jip from anyone. She is pretty badass and I love that!” - Lauren

"Frida represents to me a freedom to be yourself based on what you like and want, instead of following convention and style." - Nicolle

"What can I say about Frida Kahlo? She's so much more than a pair of eyebrows; the subject matter in her paintings varies from love, heartache, loss, her sense of self… If you were to put a name to 'the ultimate tortured artist' I reckon she'd be up there! When we launched our Spring Summer 2012 collection, it featured watermelons, corn dollies and now much sought after necklaces and brooch homages to Frida. I can't count how many times someone would see her in the window display and rush in because they just HAD to see the pieces up close and wax lyrical about their connection to her work. She's apparently quoted as saying 'I am my own muse' which I think is particularly important in today's society where we see 'inspo', 'thinspo' and 'goals' constantly bandied about. Maybe with introspection now and again, we'd be less harsh on ourselves and the way we perceive our looks, actions and self." - Charlotte 

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