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Women With Something To Say: Anne H. Putnam

August 13, 2018 - Charlotte Prichard
Women With Something To Say: Anne H. Putnam

We don't know about you, but it's only Tuesday and our to-do lists are already starting to look more like novels! We're all guilty of pushing ourselves too hard, a subject Faber author Anne H. Putnam tackles for the ninth blog in our Women With Something To Say series. Take five minutes out of your busy day (we dare you!) and join Anne as she takes on multi-tasking, juggling and slowing down...

Women today are pulled in a hundred different directions – by our own ambitions and the expectations placed on us by society.  We burn the candle at multiple ends, juggling career goals and home lives and (sometimes) children and relationships with everyone from romantic partners to that guy who runs the corner store where we pick up milk every evening on our way home from work.  We expect ourselves to ‘do it all’, and not just at a passing level but at the top of each field: we need to be driven and ambitious in the office, constantly proving ourselves, but we should switch to warm and maternal tones at home, and in between we maintain relationships for ourselves and on behalf of our partners or children.  Everyone must think we’re accomplished and clever and lovely – oh, and by the way don’t forget to make time for the gym!

There are so many more opportunities for women than there were only fifty years ago, but with great potential comes great pressure.  We should absolutely be following all of our dreams at once, but we also need to cut ourselves a break sometimes.  There’s nothing wrong with a day spent doing one thing: enjoying yourself with friends, visiting family, or even just reading a good book and ignoring all the pressures on your to-do list!  Multi-tasking is a great skill to have, but if we don’t slow down and enjoy life sometimes we’ll find it’s passed in a blur.

Thanks, Anne! We'll definitely be making time to slow down and put our to-do list at the bottom of our bags! Now it's up to you, Tatty fans! Share your view on Anne's piece with us in the comments below and tweet us a link to your favourite writers using the hashtag #WWSTS! Don’t forget, we’re giving you 20% off your very own bespoke Speech Bubble Necklace. Whatever it is you want to say, design your personalised piece online now.