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How to: Make a Cherry 75 Cocktail

January 25, 2022 - Alice Barnes
How to: Make a Cherry 75 Cocktail
Hey, Cupid! Our sweet new collection, Ma Chérie has us feeling hopelessly romantic and with Valentine’s Day just weeks away, we’re already thinkin’ about our 14th February plans. Make your reservation with Team Tatty and get set for some DIY sparkle: this year’s all about staying in, getting creative and dressing to impress with a glass of fizz.

Did someone say date night drinks? Inspired by our lush laser cut cherries, we’ve got the perfect cocktail for sipping seductively across the table from your crush. Pop Harry Styles on the stereo and join our Head Mixologist Alice as she teaches you how to make a Cherry 75 cocktail…
Wow, that looks easy! Here’s what you’ll need to recreate this sour cherry fizzy fantasy:
- Cocktail Shaker
- Ice
- Dry Gin
- Lemon Juice
- Cherries with Syrup
- Chilled Prosecco
- Lemon (for garnish)
    The inspiration - our Cherry Statement Necklace.

    Now you’ve prepped everything you need, let’s get making!!

    Add gin, lemon juice and cherry syrup to your cocktail shaker - we like to add a little ice first for extra crisp coldness!

    The finished product - with a side of Cherry Earrings.

    Shake what your mama gave ya… Pop the lid on your cocktail shaker (and make sure it’s tight) and shake vigorously for about 10 seconds.

    Pop, time for some fizz! Add a good glug of prosecco and you are ready to serve. 

    Garnish your drink with a maraschino cherry or two and a touch of lemon. If you’re feeling real fancy, try your hand at making a lemon rind twist!

    Taste test score: 10/10, cheers to that! If you’re feeling like whipping up a Cherry 75 Cocktail, we recommend you do so in style…
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    Alice Barnes