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Meet the Model | Ruby

August 13, 2018 - Charlotte Prichard
Meet the Model | Ruby

Meet Ruby… customer, fan and now Tatty model!

We first spotted Ruby styling her Tatty Devine jewellery on Instagram, and as we’re always on the lookout for new models to star in our campaigns, we thought she’d be perfect.

Now that her modelling debut is live on, we caught up with Ruby to chat about her shoot experience, favourite jewellery and how to master the perfect selfie...


Tell us a little bit about yourself... I'm 23 years old and live in a little town called Dronfield, just outside of Sheffield. I currently work in Lush part time whilst at university where I’m training to be an Early Years teacher, so my days are usually very upbeat and messy!

How did you first discover Tatty Devine? My sister introduced me to Tatty Devine when I was really young. We'd sit on our dial up internet together lusting over all the beautiful jewellery, dreaming about the day we'd save up all our pocket money and buy something. The fact it's something me and my sister have always shared is what makes Tatty Devine even more special to me.

Describe your style in three words... At the moment - 90's girl band!


How did you find the Tatty Devine shoot experience? The shoot was unreal, it all felt like one big dream. Spending the day with Harriet and seeing how things work behind the scenes was incredible, I had the best day! The highlight had to be seeing all the AW16 Contemporary pieces before anyone else - I think I stared at them for a good half hour trying to take it all in! I can't wait for them all to be released, I'm already starting to save so I can just buy them all. I've never modelled before so seeing my face on the website is very surreal!

Which of your Tatty Devine pieces do you treasure the most? Wow, this is harder than I thought, it's like picking between your children! My new Jasper Vase Link Necklace has to be one of them, I got it on the day of the shoot so it will forever remind me of that. Another of my favourites is my Horse and Carriage Necklace, as alongside Tatty Devine, Disney is my other love so that necklace really sums me up.

You're the queen of the selfie! What are your tips for taking a great shot? Good lighting is the key - I always stand facing a window as the natural light seems to make a good selfie. My other tip is to try holding your phone or camera at a higher angle than your face - this seems to give me cheekbones that don't actually exist!


What's on your Tatty Devine wishlist? The question is what isn't on my Tatty Devine wishlist! At the moment I’m in love with the Parakeet and Watermelon Necklaces that have just been added to the Classic Collection - they are perfect for summer outfits. The other piece I'm lusting after is the Fountain Necklace from SS16, it is so shimmery and the acrylic is just beautiful.

Any exciting plans for 2016? I'm mainly looking forward to finishing university for the summer and just having days in the sunshine to relax. I start my final year in September so I'm excited for a few months of fun with friends and family before the stress starts! I'm hoping to squeeze in another visit to London for one of your jewellery making workshops while I'm off!

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