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Activism, Power, and Change: Meet Sophie Slater

March 04, 2020 - Charlotte Prichard
Activism, Power, and Change: Meet Sophie Slater

"We create clothes for women who dress in protest."

It’s no secret that we’re *pretty* keen on local heroes, Birdsong: the East London based brand taking their fight against fast fashion worldwide: from their spin on the classic LBD to recycled denim yarn cardis (hand crocheted by nanas in Enfield, we’ll have you know), our wardrobes are all the better since discovering their ethically made, sustainable creations. Birdsong founder, activist, and lecturer, Sophie Slater, is no stranger to Tatty Devine either: eagle-eyed fans might remember her expertly working swathes of laser-cut fronds of lacquer-esque bamboo on the set of our John Waters inspired SS19 shoot.


With the third installment of our Fawcett Society collection on the horizon, we just had to get Sophie back behind the lens accompanied by a host of fellow inspirational women. Join us as we talk inspiration, her International Women’s Day plans, and seriously feel-good gifting… Ready? Let’s go!



Hey, Sophie! Let's shake up our Instagram feed: who should we be following right now and why?

My friend @ajabarber is probably the best person on Instagram, for learning about sustainable fashion, intersectionality and more. Joint best with also pal and fabulous activist @charliecraggs. Also @shon.faye never fails to make me laugh out loud with her A+ wit.


Strike a pose! You recently starred in our Fawcett Society collection shoot modelling the Activism Scroll Necklace. If you could gift anyone this piece, who would it be and why?

My sister, as she makes me proud daily and I make a tradition of gifting her Tatty Devine!



And finally, how are you celebrating International Women's Day this year? 

We'll be doing a tonne of events for Birdsong, from WOW festival on Saturday 7th (come and say hello!) to a womxn in music fair, and a panel talk for our favorite magazine Riposte on Sunday. We call it feminist Christmas, we can't wait!


Thanks, Sophie! Take action in powerful pieces from our NEW Fawcett Society collection now. Fall for Birdsong London’s ethical, sustainable clothing here and get to grips with their eye opening 2019 Impact Report here.