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Dressing In Colour: Mood boosting jewellery

January 06, 2022 - Alice Barnes
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Dressing In Colour: Mood boosting jewellery

Never ones to shy away from colour or fear being “too much” (hello, Lobster GIANT Necklace), Team Tatty felt truly *seen* when we spotted The Guardian’s “Colour is the new black as fashion looks to a bright future” article. Inspired by a renewed love of colour, celebratory dressing and the shade everyone’s searching for on Pinterest (FYI - it’s Kelly Green), we’re sharing our tips on collecting colour ahead of Blue Monday. We’re shrugging off monochrome and embracing head-to-toe rainbow hues - here’s how to do colourful dressing.

Queen of colour Morag Myerscough in the Belonging Brooch £25, Block Brooch, £35 and JOY Necklace, £35 from our colour-loaded collab! 

So why is everyone jumping on the rainbow bandwagon now? Well, the last few years have had us all searching for JOY in all kinds of places; whether that’s baking banana bread, levelling up your crafting skills, taking part in TikTok trends or going full-on kid-core with your look. Okay, exuberant styling isn't a new concept per say, but it’s certainly one that’s going to stick around, “dopamine dressing” is at the forefront of aesthetically-led minds when it comes to reaching for the wardrobe. As our good friend and IRL rainbow, Sue Kreitzman says,Don't wear beige, it might kill you!"

Whether you’re colour-blocking in coral or wearing every colour of the rainbow, what better way to boost your mood than with statement acrylic jewellery? Take a peek at the best-selling Tatty Devine designs that are sure to add that je ne sais quoi to your fit.

I love dressing up so colourfully -  @rosetintedmilly

Technicolour treats have arrived in the form of our Frida Kahlo Charm Necklace, £78 and self-confessed dopamine dressers, the most stylish siblings: Milly and Ellen. Styled here by Ellen, this hand-linked collection of charms inspired by pioneering folk artist, Frida Kahlo is the perfect pop of colour for any ‘fit. With a hint of Pantone’s Colour Of The Year - Viva Magenta, all the way to a kiss of acid bright green, exude positive vibes and show off your artistic side in this unforgettable show-stopper.

“Pewww!” Yes, stargazers: this pocket-friendly piece does what it says on the tin. Add our Shooting Star Necklace - Mirror Rainbow, £35 to your ensemble to skyrocket that blue mood into another galaxy! Laser cut in five shades of jewel tone mirror acrylic, this simple yet chic piece looks perfect on anything from chunky knitwear to a glittering party dress. Top tip: just wait 'til the sun hits and sends chromatic celestial reflections scattering - instant glee. 

Add some spice to your look. We see our Mexican Embroidery Necklace, £125, as a staple of colour-blocking. We’re seeing monochromatic outfits topping the best-dressed lists, with the likes of Kim Kardashian and Instagram babes including Marianne Theodorsen and Michelle Norris embracing this trend like there’s no tomorrow. Over to you: find, grab and layer every pink item of clothing you own and top it off with this vibrant handmade statement necklace… You’ll be beaming and blooming through that dreary Monday all-hands meeting, we promise.

Category is: make-do and mood boost. Take a tip from the Crafts Council’s piece, ‘4 reasons craft is good for your mental health’ and feel your serotonin levels soar as you get to grips with our at-home Jewellery Making Kits. Take it from us, telling admirers “I made this!” is the best feeling. Order online to receive a special parcel of everything you'll need to make yourself a dazzling acrylic necklace complete with an online tutorial hosted by our Creative Director (and resident colour fanatic) Harriet Vine MBE. Turn heads with our Radiance Necklace - Iridescent, £125, laser cut in pleasingly prismatic shades of pink, purple and peach. Seeking sustainable present ideas? Add a splash of colour to birthday gifting with our colour pop Parakeet Necklace in Recycled Rainbow, £45. 

Time for a challenge…

A lover of colour on other people but a big believer in ‘black does it best’, Team Tatty’s Alice tested the waters to see if dopamine dressing really does the job. Decked out in a pink blazer, blue polkadot trousers and electric blue eyeliner there was just one thing Alice’s outfit needed: a touch of Tatty Devine… Say hello to retro Goddess Sunrise Earrings and the classic Tiger Necklace.

Working from home in technicolour, Alice headed out on her lunch break - taking her outfit out for a stroll along the Thames to really test those sartorial waters. So, what’s the verdict?

“It worked! I was well-dressed and impressed, it was nice to have a change and put pieces together I would never normally try - every time I caught myself in the mirror I thought “Damn, I look fun!” Not going to lie, leaving the house felt a little nerve-racking. I don't think I’ve ever worn so much colour at one any time but you know what? I liked it! On my stroll around the town, I received so many smiles and even a compliment from my neighbour Pauline. Dopamine dressing doesn’t just make you happy, it spreads joy too!”

The proof is in the pudding and we’ll have a slice of rainbow cake to go, please! Shop our guide for Rainbow Chasers here, seek visual inspiration from our Pinterest now and don’t forget to tag us in your mood-boosting looks on Instagram with the hashtag #MyTattyDevine for your chance to win a £50 Tatty Devine Voucher*!

*One winner is selected at the beginning of each month and contacted via Instagram messaging.

Alice Barnes