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Hungry? Discover Tatty Devine's tastiest food jewellery

August 13, 2018 - Charlotte Prichard
Hungry? Discover Tatty Devine's tastiest food jewellery
Feeling hungry? Our limited edition Burger collection launches today and we're celebrating with a trip back through the Tatty Devine archives. Explore over thirteen years of collections and discover our tastiest food inspired pieces. From apples to bananas, chips to party rings: you name it, we've made it! Kicking things off with a juicy start are colour pop Apple and Pear Earrings from our Spring Summer 2004 collection: Say hello to an old friend! Our classic Lobster Necklace made its first appearance back in Autumn Winter 2004 alongside cute crustacean knitted gloves, scarves and brooches: We even knitted an adorable Prawn Brooch... ...and a Pea Pod Brooch, complete with pearl beads! The pea appreciation extended to plastic Pea Cluster beaded earrings, necklaces, rings and barrettes: We've always loved the jewel-like colours of Quality Street sweets and created a charm bracelet inspired by their distinctive shapes and shiny hues: In Spring Summer 2008, we took a trip to the cinema with Movie Mayhem. Our favourite cinema snack was recreated as a statement necklace, pendants and earrings. We even made red and white striped 'Tatty-licious' popcorn boxes:   Cute heart and foot shaped lollipops were recreated in glossy red and yellow perspex and worn as headbands and of course, the Lolly Necklace:       The sweet treats kept coming and our Spring Summer 2010 collection, Sundae Best, immortalised some of our favourite goodies! Party Ring biscuits appeared as hand painted wooden brooches and necklaces:  

  Ice cream wafers, pink ice lollies and pretty pastel sundaes added a pop of colour to summer:       The cherry on the top of the collection? Kitsch glacé cherries recreated in transparent perspex, complete with knotted stem:   Poached, fried or scrambled? We like our eggs sunny side up and created this pop art inspired enamel Fried Egg Brooch, perfect for pinning onto lapels: We can't resist a snack - and neither can Tatty Devine fans! Our Crisp Necklace was shaped just like a real ridged crisp and was an instant hit: Tatty Devine went totally tropical in our Spring Summer 2012 collection. Exotic fruit and vegetables became crystal encrusted statement jewellery. A humble corn on the cob was studded with crystals and finished off with multifaceted beads for ultimate impact: Juicy slices of melon were recreated in shimmering canteloupe and classic watermelon colour ways:

Melons aren't our only fruit of choice. Banana Necklace, anyone? This cheeky piece first appeared in 2011 as part of our 'Best Of' collection: Last year's Autumn Winter 2012 collection featured the perfect pairing: cheese and grapes! Translucent green and purple grapes hung in bunches from tortoiseshell links and slices of cheese added a witty touch:

It's no secret that we're big fast food fans. Back in 2011, we created a one off Chips Headpiece for cool fashion label Rodnik Band. Well, it's one way to create a stir in the chippy! Especially for summer, we've recreated the humble burger as statement jewellery! Each treat is lovingly laser cut from walnut wood and perspex and studded with glittering Swarovski crystals. Burger Ring, £40:   Burger Necklace, £60:

Super Burger Necklace, £95:

Phew, what a feast! Which is your favourite foodie piece? What would you like to see us make next? Our limited edition Burger jewellery is exclusively available in store and online now. Get shopping!