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Lynsay's Tatty Treasures

August 13, 2018 - Charlotte Prichard
Lynsay's Tatty Treasures

Now, you may have spotted Lynsay’s colourful snaps on our blog and Instagram before, and now she’s back to tell us all about her treasured Tatty Devine designs! Read on as we chat about her style, upcoming trip to Vegas and the latest addition to her Tatty Devine collection…


Tell us a little bit about yourself… Hello! I'm Lynsay - also known by my blog name, Lynsay Loves. I live in a rainbow-coloured retro flat in my home city of Glasgow. When I'm not out and about you can usually find me writing about all my latest obsessions at, podcasting and eating pizza. I'm a happy-go-lucky gal and love to express myself through fashion!


When and how did you first discover Tatty Devine? I remember seeing an editorial feature years ago featuring Tatty Devine chip fork necklaces and I was instantly smitten. When I moved into my first flat there was a little boutique around the corner that used to stock Tatty Devine - seeing the pieces in the window was very exciting! My first piece was the LOVE / HATE tattooed hands brooch set, so I guess you could say my collection started from there.


Describe your style in five words… Colourful, cartoon-like, cheerful, vintage, unique.

How many pieces of Tatty Devine jewellery do you now own? Oh, gosh! That's a good question...I think it must be around 30 by this point!


How do you display your jewellery? I like to mix it up - some of my pieces are stored in the original black boxes, whereas others are displayed in pretty dishes and vibrant jewellery holders to show them off (usually the ones that get the most wear!). I think of the Tatty designs as wearable art, so sometimes I even hang a piece on my wire notice board to enjoy looking at while I work.


Which pieces get the most wear? My Tiger Necklace is my go-to accessory for most occasions! I love everything about this bold, bright piece and it was a huge surprise when my boyfriend bought it for me. I also love my pink Name Necklace, which I've had for a long time and wear at least once a week.


Most treasured design? Another necklace! For my 30th birthday my best friend arranged for us to travel to Newcastle and go to a Tatty Devine jewellery making workshop at BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Arts. As well as having an absolute blast on our road trip, I finally got to attend a Tatty Devine workshop AND listen to Rosie and Harriet's talk later that day which was super inspiring! It was a really special birthday and my handmade parakeet necklace is now a memento from that fun weekend together.


Latest addition to your collection? My latest addition is the Fairground Arrow Necklace, from the Classic Collection. It sparkles just like a neon sign and I'm really excited to wear it during my upcoming trip to the home of neon lights, Las Vegas! You better believe I'll be instagramming it...

3 What in your wildest dreams would you like us to design? Like a lot of people, I'm really excited for the return of the TV show Twin Peaks this year, and I think that there is a lot of potential for fun themed jewellery based on some of the iconic symbols from the series. A cup of coffee, a dictaphone, a slice of cherry pie, a playing card, a diner sign… I would buy the lot and wear it all at once!

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