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Meet the Confetti Crowd + 15% off Name Necklaces

August 13, 2018 - Charlotte Prichard
Meet the Confetti Crowd + 15% off Name Necklaces

We love all things colourful at Tatty, so when we spotted Heidi, Lulu, Heli, Shy and Tiger's bold style, we knew they would look amazing in our Rainbow Name Necklaces! We caught up the Confetti Crowd girl gang to chat music, their inspirations and the best way to spend a day...


Describe your style in three words… Heidi: Rainbow, colourful, jazzy. Shy: Pink, sporty, 90s. Lulu: Sassy, fluffy, colourful. Heli: Bold, colourful and sassy. Tiger: Cowgirl, hippy, festival-ly!

What inspires you? Heidi: The sassiness of the confettis! Shy: My mum. Lulu: My friends, blogs, Tumblr, travelling. Heli: Different eras, especially the 70s and 90s. Tiger: Festivals!!

Best way to spend a day? Heidi: Hanging out with friends, sun, music and cocktails! Shy: In my room finding new music on Soundcloud, hanging out with my friends/cats. Lulu: Either at the car boot sale picking up bargains or partying with friends. Heli: With my loved ones, pizza, cocktails and lots of cats. Tiger: Confetti Fun Day!!

Song of the moment? Heidi: Earth, Wind & Fire - September Shy: Every song by my fave producer at the moment, CKTRL Lulu: In Love with the Coco (Hitimpulse Remix) - Ed Sheeran Heli: Feelin' Myself - Nicki Minaj & Beyoncé Tiger: Every song by Lion Babe!

If you were a Tatty Devine piece, what would you be? Heidi: The Fairground Lights Heart Necklace. Shy: I’d be a pink Name Necklace that says 'Snoochie'. Lulu: The Lipstick Collage Necklace! Heli: The Eighties Phone Necklace because it’s bright and bold! Tiger: A Tiger Necklace!

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