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National Ice Cream Day

July 17, 2021 - Alice Barnes
National Ice Cream Day
We are sure you popped National Ice Cream Day in your new diary as soon as you got them at Christmas, and yes, it’s finally here! Sunday 18th celebrates everything creamy, icy, sugary and generally delicious. We are sweetly spoiled for choice at our Monmouth Street store, so we thought we’d give you a rundown of our favourite ices for when you come and visit us

First up is Rococo Chocolates! Tatty’s biggest Rococo fan Amy D took to the streets of Seven Dials to kick celebrations off...

‘Whilst they are renowned for their chocolates, our local Rococo just round the corner from us on Earlham Street also scoop up delicious ice cream, topped with chocolate ‘flakes’ of their infamous chocolate. I like to go for the Banana Split but they also have monthly specials like Cornflake and a fruity Mango. Look out for their hand-painted dark chocolate lobster called Larry too!”

That looks lip lickingly delicious, thanks Amy! 2nd this week was tasted by Covent Garden's very own plier pro and part-time ice cream taster (or sorbet today), Katie!

‘I went for Rose, Raspberry and Lychee today, a fruity and refreshing little tub of pure joy, perfect for a hot day like today. I was chuffed to bits when Pierre Herme came to the West End! They are famous for their amazing Macarons! So many flavours to choose from. I love the staff in there and they are super handy for last minute gifts and/or a macaron or 4 if you've had a rubbish day. The passionfruit and chocolate one please!’

Oooh that sounds good and absolutely love that you coordinated your outfit to your ice cream! Final stop on our ice cream tour of Seven Dials and I’ve got my spoon at the ready...

Udderlicious by name, udderlicious by taste! My go-to ice cream on a hot day is from Udderlicious, there’s usually a bit of a queue but wow, it’s worth it. There’s plenty of options for us non-dairy eaters which is the dream. Usually big fan of the Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt flavour but today I ventured to pastures new with a Hazelnut and Stracciatella and it was great! 10/10 from me!!’

Hopefully this blog has got you in the mood to hit the freezer and grab an ice cream, you'll certainly need it with this sun! Come visit us in Seven Dials, Monday to Saturday 11:30 pm to 5:30pm and get an icey treat while you're here!!
Alice Barnes