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Meet Jaqueline Durran

Academy Award Winning Costume Designer

If there’s anyone who can help us nail the Barbiecore
aesthetic, it’s Jacqueline, Costume Designer for Barbie!

"Colour on colour – and add the extra accessory! It’s never too much!"

Meet Jaqueline Durran
Moon Jellyfish Earrings

All Barbiecore Jewellery

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Showing 1-12 of 33 products
Showing 1-12 of 33 products

Barbiecore Jewellery

Bring on Barbiecore! With the anticipated release of Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie, we’re already stealing Margot Robbie’s look with the best of Barbiecore-inspired jewellery.

Barbie’s dream look? Coordinating jewellery sets! From matching sparkling emoji heart necklaces and pastel-perfect rings to colour-pop earrings and statement brooch combos: we’re hopping on the jewellery layering trend.

Be the Barbie in your very own Barbie world! Skate home with the best of pink accessories and saccharine sweet colour palettes: we’re talking animal jewellery from pearlescent pigs and dinosaurs, stackable charm earrings to runway-approved 3-D floral jewellery.

Glossier than Barbie’s lipgloss: shine on with iridescent jewellery. Serve Malibu beach in Iridescent Bubble Necklaces and colour-changing Moon Jellyfish Earrings. Be a doll: shop Barbie-inspired doll eye rings and dopamine-inducing emoji faces.