Fawcett Society

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In this significant year for the visibility of women’s rights, Tatty Devine are delighted to call The Fawcett Society our official charity partners!
The Fawcett Society are the UK’s leading charity campaigning for gender equality and women’s rights. The incredible people at the charity are leading the good fight on the main issues affecting women in Britain today, from the biggies like women earning 9.8% less than men on average to the everyday sexism and misogyny experienced by women and girls from those of the opposite sex.
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 The Fawcett Society are responsible for the recent reporting requirements on the gender pay gap and are determined that we will be represented more equally in parliament through actively encouraging, supporting and protecting this career choice for women.
The suffragist and women’s rights hero, Millicent Fawcett is the charity’s namesake. This tireless and courageous leader made it her mission in life to secure women the right to vote and thankfully saw this happen before her death in 1929. The Fawcett Society was originally known as The London Society for Women’s Suffrage but renamed themselves after Millicent Fawcett in her honour in 1953. This was not to be the only honour Millicent achieved after her death – she has made history in being the first ever women to be commemorated by a statue in Parliament Square in April 2018.
millicent fawcett statue
 The Fawcett Society will continue fighting to change attitudes and challenge minds until 100% equality is achieved – Tatty Devine are committed to standing tall beside them and fighting with them all the way!
To learn more about our wonderful charity partners, click here.