There’s no greater name in modern British craft than Rob Ryan, artist and renowned creator of intricate paper cuts. The latest exhibition of his work is at Charleston, the country home of the Bloomsbury Group and is inspired by objects within the Gallery’s own collection.

Harriet and Rosie were invited to a very special preview tour of the exhibition hosted by Rob himself (complete with party games and pass-the-parcel!)

They managed to get their hands on this incredible goody bag, filled with plenty of Rob Ryan treats. Inside you’ll find postcards, an oilcloth tote bag, mug, tile and even a mystery piece of Tatty Devine jewellery!

To win this goody bag, simply answer the following question:

What is the most interesting thing you have ever made by hand?

Leave your answer as a comment on this blog post and our favourite will win!

Don’t forget to visit Rob’s exhibition at Charleston Gallery – it runs until 28th October. For further information and opening times, head to Charleston’s website.


Thank you for all your entries! The competition has now closed. Congratulations to our winner, Bobby! We loved your offbeat entry:

“The most interesting thing I have ever made with my beloved but overworked mitts goes to the coffin I made during my work experience at a funeral directors. A strange choice of work for a boy of 16 years but it was an enlightening experience I always remember. The coffins arrived flat packed but still required a keen understanding of carpentry to complete. I still work with wood, carving portraits but often of dead celebrities …”

Well done, Bobby!

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103 Responses to Competition: Win a Rob Ryan Goody Bag!

  1. Sian says:

    What a fab competetion! :D

    The most interesting thing I’ve ever made by hand would be my resin brooches. Its really fun to play with the colours and shapes to create something interesting to jazz up a jacket or bag. I’m really loving my silver glitter crossbones at the moment, but I also have a holographic pac man brooch which is getting a lot of love recently.

    Here’s a post from my blog with pictures of the first few I made:

  2. Martha says:

    The most interesting thing i ever made is probably a bat hand puppet at middle school! I have made many other and better things since then (even have my own little online ring shop) but i really love that spooky hand puppet which i sewed by hand, with it’s wonky wings and teeny red eyes! And my mum still has it! :D

  3. Alice says:

    I made a pizza crocheted scarf. I love pizza, I love crochet and I love being warm in the winter!

  4. Catherine Clapperton says:

    The most interesting thing I ever handmade is probably the Fimo green alien from Toy Story I made myself! I was quite proud of that :) I also remember hand painting a little plaster elephant in Primary School. I painted it grey and added a little coloured pattern to make her look like a carnival elephant :) That was the first thing I was ever proud of creating as it was incredibly neat for me! :)

  5. philippa says:

    The most interesting thing I’ve ever made has only just been finished! It’s for my BFF’s birthday- a delicious lilac furry sweater sporting our favourite phrase ‘girl world’ on it, which is crafted with a wonderful jewel-toned peacock material! It’s hard to explain what ‘girl world’ even means… We’re just girls, doing our thing in the world, I guess. When you’re feeling completely contented, just raise your lil girl head and smile and say ‘girl world’ and we completely understand how you’re feeling. GIRL WORLD! Also, don’t tell my dear lil girl world girl that this is what I’ve made her, haven’t had a chance to give it to her yet!x

  6. Ashleigh Maher says:

    An entire cast of costume for Grease the musical!

  7. Kim Tillyer says:

    I make interesting things by hand all the time ( at the moment screen printed and embroidered textiles) but I guess this isn’t about promoting my stuff so think the most interesting thing I make by hand for pure pleasure is bread …interesting because you can never tell how its going to turn out! The toaster also finds this interesting.

  8. Keren says:

    The most interesting (and super awesome) thing I’ve ever made was when I spent a Sunday making a ROCKET SHIP out of a cardboard box. And I mean an adult size one!! It was so satisfying to make something that I always wanted but wasn’t able to when I was younger. The six year old me would have lived in that for a month! Here’s the photo of me looking ecstatically happy in it-

    Sometime it’s so much fun just to be a big kid for a day! (Or most days in my case…)

  9. Cody Evenden says:

    The best thing to make by hand is simply swan apples! Healthy art.

  10. Rachael says:

    I love Rob Ryan! ^_^

    The most interesting thing I’ve ever made is a ten foot long, knitted, Doctor Who scarf just like the one Tom Baker wore, highly nerdy I know and it took me about six months but I’m very proud of it and it’s super snuggly!

  11. Charlie says:

    Ohh TD and RR combining for more fabulousness yet again!
    The most interesting think I have ever made by hand is a papercut with the magpies rhyme;
    ‘One for Sorrow, two for joy,
    three for a girl, four for a boy, five for silver, six for gold, seven for a secret never to be told, eight’s a wish, nine’s a kiss, ten is a bird you must not miss.’
    Because I love magpies and papercutting and the two go together very well and it came out beautifully if I do say so myself and it took hours and hours but I never got bored so I think it’s very interesting! x

  12. Gina-Maria says:

    One of the most interesting things i’ve ever made was a hand crafted punch and judy tent. It stood well over 6ft tall had a hand painted frame, hand painted striped fabric and a velvet back drop. Best of all were the hand made puppets! Punch, Judy, Baby, Policeman, Crocodile, knitted string of sausages, the works! I would like to say i made it for a purpose but i’d just always wanted one and thought i would indulge myself! I still occasionally set the whole thing up and it always puts a smile on my face.

  13. Rebekka Kill says:

    I made a pair of concrete feet; joined at the ankle.

    They’re based on my own feet (ie a bit Hobbitty) but are scaled up about 150% and slightly cartoony.

    I use them as a door stop but I’ve always thought they would look quite nice in the garden.

  14. Grace says:

    I guess the most interesting thing I’ve made was a burqa, with the inside all covered in designer objects, jewellery, and colourful objects. The message behind it (before it was on SATC2 I hasten to add) was that some women may have to wear a burqa, but what you can be inside is totally up to you, be who you want to be, no one can control what you wear underneath. In a way, perhaps the burqa is quite a freeing garment. Yeah. It was about the nice juxtaposition between the constricts of society or religion and the freedom of being what you want to be.

    Other things were a house constructed from icing, cake, marzipan and a lot of sweets, and recently a tote bag saying “JUSTIN BIEBER IS THE ANTICHRIST”. I make weird things as a design/art student, hah.

  15. This year I made a unicorn headed mannequin from plaster and ceramics which you can see on my website. That’s probably the most interesting thing I’ve made so far! :) x

  16. Natasha Karol says:

    I made a giant octopus costume for halloween. I have a bit of a thing for octopuses – I still treasure my Tatty Devine Octopus necklace.

  17. Ruby says:

    The best thing I’ve made would have to be an adventure time themed Jake the Dog hat, with floppy poseable ears and stuffed jowls! I handmade it from bright fleece fabric for my cousin James who is 7, to keep him cosy!

  18. It would have to be my quilted and hand embroidered radiotherapy facial mask. Obviously what else would I do to celebrate the end of treatment, with a rather marvelous medical object that I wore for 6 weeks?

  19. Jenny Hacking says:

    I once made a whole monopoly game for a friend-but for each square on the board I made it about their life. Where they went to university, where we live at home, important places we had been on holiday etc. I then made real Monopoly money and trawled charity shops for little characters to be the playing figures. Thankfully they loved it!

  20. Kirsty says:

    Ah I love Rob Ryan! The most interesting/favourite thing I’ve made actually used papercutting. I made a lampshade inspired by the idea of dreams. It kind of looked like a pinecone made of leaves with dream/sleep related words cut out which threw shadows. I then filled it with fairy lights.
    Either that or my series of Harry Potter puppets!

  21. Charlotte says:

    The most interesting thing? I think my Beekeeper’s Quilt. It’s a knitted quilt made from 384 handknitted and stuffed hexagons, knitted from a wool and silk yarn in jewel colours. It took me the equivalent of 8.6 working weeks to complete!

  22. Kyrsten says:

    A small felt Zombie Thriller Michael Jackson for my cat, Stunt Man Mike.

    It was his favourite toy!

  23. Hannah says:

    The nicest thing I’ve made is a patchwork quilt for my best friend’s wedding – it was a little wonky but made with love. I got her up at 6am on her wedding day as I was too excited to give it her.

  24. Martha says:

    The most interest thing ive made was a mosiac plaque using broken tea cups and an old mermaid earring (id lost the other on a walk). All my friends laughed at it but i hung it proudly on my garden wall – one windy day it fell off into tiny mosaic pieces :(

  25. Ruby Ellis says:

    The most interested thing i’ve handmade was a knitted polo neck with my nanan. Not a whole jumper…..just the neck, so it looks like you’re wearing a polo neck under your other jumper. apparently they were ‘the thing’ in the 70′s when you couldnt afford to knit the whole jumper!!!

  26. Ash says:

    The most interesting thing I ever made was a solid silver ring in the shape of a bow which I treated to make it black – a little bit of inspiration from Tatty and a lot of love for the art of jewellery making :) people often ask me where I got it!

  27. Lexie says:

    The most interesting thing I have ever made would be a ceramic 2 foot tall lipstick, made from little bunny shapes. It is meant to comment on animal testing in the cosmetic industry. I also just like it because of all the little bunnies!

  28. I was about 7 and I helped my dad paper mache a Tracy Island from Thunderbirds. We used all kinds of recycled washing up bottles, butter tubs and loo roll tubes then painted the landscape and used foil for the shiny important parts. Neil Buchanan would have been proud!

  29. jennifer says:

    the most interesting thing i can think of making by hand was a huge hot dog wall sconce with a mustard made out of neon!!!! all neon signs are made by hand, which i didn’t know before starting.

    here is a photo!:

  30. Missy Sparksx says:

    One of the first things I made on my own was a crochet cover for my Dad’s chair at work many Christmases ago (I was 9 then). I made it with bits of wool I had bought with my pocket money without any help. My Dad seemed to like it (I think he was relieved it wasn’t an ashtray made with a camember box or a pencil holder made with an empty yogurt tub!).
    Forward 25 years and a few years ago, my Dad retired and as I visited my parents, I found the (very muched used and seated on) same crochet cover on the chair of his new office at home.
    My Dad is not a very demonstrative person and I was really touched to see that not only had he kept it, but that all these years, it had been with him at work reminding him (I hope) of how much I loved him.
    It might not have been the most interesting thing ever (altough the pattern included some white and blue crisscrossing and pompom work (weren’t the 80′s fab?)) but definitely one of the most treasured thing I made for someone by hand.

  31. Aude says:

    the most interesting thing I made, was a little puzzle made in brass. It had to be two lines who crossed, were connected and tell you something. It wasn’t easy to make but the result looks like a planet, something spacy. Really cool!

  32. Deborah Misell-Williams says:

    The most interesting thing(s) I’ve ever made are definately my wedding bouquets and buttonholes! A bouquet made of beads, buttons & brooches for me, four bridesmaids bouquets with silk flowers , beads and ribbon and nine buttonholes for the four bestmen and some family memberd. I made pretty much everything – invitations, wedding cake topper and decorations!

  33. Sally Spavin-Haigh says:

    A lot.of things I have made are pretty amateur go be honest but I’m currently making a needle felted hand embroidered seashell bra for a burlesque show I’m doing, I love it! :-)

  34. katy budd says:

    i make lots of things..but my most recently interesting make was some pompom owls for our ‘owl babies’ book display for work (im a primary school teacher)…the children helped..when i say helped, our poor owl babies became a little bedraggled and worse for wear but they are so proud of the owls-and so am i!!

  35. Amy B says:

    The most interesting thing I’ve ever made is a bouquet of 25 flowers for my parents 25th wedding anniversary. I made them with twisted wire stems and different buttons and beads. They are all a bit higgedly piggeldy but that’s life. They are celebrating their 28th anniversary this year and every year I give them a new flower, so the bouquet will grow over time. My craft projects tend to have a 50/50 success rate as I get very easily distracted, so I’m glad I stuck at it and made my parents something which sits pride of place on their mantlepiece.

  36. jO Scott says:

    Wehrmacht I was recovering from surgery my husband and I made half a chess set each out of FIMO (his elvis king was the best) and then he taught me how to play :)

  37. jO Scott says:

    * when

  38. Sarah austin says:

    I made a snow lion at uni.He was called Rumbleroar,he had a mighty mane of leaves and wore a wizards hat and sun glasses!

  39. april dace says:

    I make lots of things but my most recent obsession is crochet. The most interesting thing ive made is a huge crochet multicolour bowl with thick pastel wool in yellow, blue, pink and blue. It’s one of those things i can’t stop looking at now ive made it!

  40. Katherine Brown says:

    One of the most interesting things i’ve ever made was a duffle coat made out of tracing paper! Complete with toggles.

    And aw man, it was difficult but once I get an idea I can’t let it go :) It sat in my flat for a while until I decided there was nothing I could do with it! (took some photos for evidence of course)

  41. Katy hatch says:

    One year at bestival their theme was space! So my first thought was Doctor who! And what is the best about doctor who?! The tardis so I made my own tardis costume. I had created a t shirt with opening tardis doors and a blue police headband to be completely authentic! Bestival def brings out my creative side as I also created a lady gaga meat dress last year too!

  42. Katy Hatch says:

    The most interesting things i have ever made are when i create my costumes for bestival each year. Its a toss up between the last 2 years but i would say the more interesting would be my Doctor Who Tardis Costume for the Space theme in 2010. I made a t shirt with opening doors and had a flashing light police box headband.
    Second to that was my lady gaga meat costume last year! But you just cant beat Doctor who!

  43. Ailsa Clarke says:

    I love Rob Ryan’s work! he inspired me to get into paper craft. The most interesting thing I make is my own paper and paper making equipment. I have been using my paper to create Artist Books, for which I just received my Master’s Degree in. I’ve literally just got back from my graduation ceremony, it was amazing!
    I created an artist’s book for my MA about Shipwrecks’ that opens into a wave complete with foam. Have a look on my website for it. xxx

  44. Tara says:

    What a great competition, I’m not sure what the best thing I ever made was but one of the coolest was a Dia de los Muertos pinata I made for a themed party last year, I spent so many evenings building up the layers of papier mache and then spent a couple more evenings painting it once dry. Took a few really good whacks to break it open too which was brilliant fun! xTx

  45. my boyfriend went on a 2 months long journey. each day I drew a journal for him, with everyday events and made up stories, so that he could read about what me and my dog were up to while he was gone.

  46. Bex J says:

    How exciting! The most interesting thing I’ve made by hand is a friends wedding veil. She couldn’t find the right one to suit her dress. So, on the wedding morning, armed with a comb, some netting and an abundance of pearl seed beads I came up with something to fit the bill.

  47. dawn bevins says:

    Great competition! Great question too, you have really made me think back. I think the most interesting thing I’ve made is either the full size quilt made up of close-up images of skin (each individually ironed onto fabric with transfer paper before being sewn together), called ‘the bedspread’, with the idea that STIs can spread easily, and everyone you sleep with might leave something behind – nice! Or, I made a David Bowie inspired bangle, it was made from sheet copper, but I wanted it to look like a fabric scarf around the wrist, so I had to hammer waves into the copper going around my wrist, and then on two separate pieces that were to hang down as if from a knot – they were attached together by a metal hoop. I also etched the lyrics to Rebel Rebel into the copper. :) oh and the person above that made the monopoly board – pure genius! :)

  48. Lucy says:

    A sheep made out of cotton wool and hairspray.

  49. What an awesome lot to give away!

    The coolest thing that I’ve ever been given has to be the throw that my mother made my husband and I after we got married. It’s a crocheted throw the size of a double bed. It’s snuggly warm and is has a hand stitched “M” in the middle for our last name. It’s always out on show and gets used often on our couch on a cool night.

  50. Jadgery says:

    I have crocheted some nice colourful nipple tassles – they went down a storm and I even got a few orders in from friends!

  51. Nicola Reed says:

    The oddest thing I’ve been commissioned to make is a necklace featuring the clients’ recently deceased horse’s tooth disguised as a cabochon stone. I was given a massive molar full of plaque! However, the results were lovely – looked like a cross between wood & shell. :)

  52. One of the interesting things I’ve made is an artwork for my boyfriend (husband of 7 yrs now) it was the last present of 21 for his 21st birthday. A collage of Oasis lyrics and photos, all displayed within the shapes of a silver glitter Union Jack. He loved it!

  53. stacey b says:

    currently in the process of making a rather splendid halloween costume, i’m gonna be a peacock. my bedroom is a sea of peacock feathers.
    my favourite thing i have ever made is a wooden spoon doll, that i helped my 5 year old niece make. seeing her wee face light up when it was finished made it all worth while <3

  54. Gemma says:

    II try my hand at making lots of things (not all successfully) but I guess the most interesting thing would be a scrapbook made from coffee filters. Grunged up the edges, dyed bits, it was perfectly imperfect, and completely interesting.

  55. joeb says:


    Whilst having a clear out, i found a 10 year old pair of adidas gazelles which were brand new but couldn’t be worn, as my dog, had chewed off the entire back of the heel.

    so, with some sewing materials and a bit of help, i manage to remake my heel, and get back a brand new pair of trainers i couldve thrown out.

    kind regards

  56. Dani says:

    i <3 rob ryan!

    i have always been a big fan of découpage art projects, and one of my favorites that i made is my bookcase that i découpaged with some old archie comics.

    second runner up would be something i made when i was 8yrs old, and very into ceramics — it's a koala in a dress, and the dress is a bell :)

  57. lola albarn says:

    Last christmas I decided to make a calender for my mum. I did it in the same style as Rob Ryan, meaning that I cut out 365 dates and designed a special picture for each month with a different colour. It took me two weeks of intense work and a permanent dent in my finger from the scalpel, but it was the best present I had ever made and my mum was in tears of happiness

  58. Lorraine says:

    The most interesting thing I made is a chicken coop! I did ha e some help from the husband but we do now have some happy hens and lots of eggs!

    My sdcond interesting thing I made was my tatty bunting necklace at last months workshop! Xx

  59. The most interesting thing I have ever made by hand, would be my ‘sieve boobs’ ! I made these during my time at university back in 2004 when I was exploring traditional crafts and taboo subject matter. I used tapestry to stitch ‘boobs’ onto metal kitchen sieves:


  60. Ellen Waghorn says:

    All the mistakes are by far the most interesting things I have made by hand. Each one has taught me and helped me improve. The journey is much more interesting than the end product, though the end product is nice too!

  61. Amanda Lead says:

    I made a Crochet Fox stole, My biggest achievement yet! Xxxx

  62. Barbara Milligan says:

    Awesome Comp!
    The most interesting & complicated thing I ever made was a shoulder bag. I made it from a kids bubble skirt I got in a sale which was fantastic black & white skull & crossbones print fabric. I added a strap made from a belt that had huge metal skull & crossbones studs on it. It has missmatched pockets & chains on it too & looks totally amazing. For added functionality it also has internal pockets. Every time I use it people ask where I got it from which is the ultimate compliment :)

  63. Jade Murray says:

    Loving this giveaway, so excited!

    The most interesting thing I’ve ever made by hand was for my fine art degree show. I made a kitchen cabinet installation out of wood, painted it and attached it to the wall. I painted and illustrated empty cans and various sizes of boxes that I had collected and filled up the shelves like in a real kitchen. I took common household objects and transformed them into art, it was really fun and looked great, I was so chuffed with it, illustrating 3d objects was pretty hard but no-one said it would be easy :)

    J x

  64. Rebecca barber says:

    The most interesting things I’ve ever made must be my pink decoupaged piggy banks. They were made for my two cousins at their christening, I didn’t want to give them anything normal so decided quirky was the only way.

  65. Sarah says:

    I started making things to sell a year ago after years of thinking I had NO creative talent. Then it dawned on me, anyone who could rustle up a mathematics board game, a stop-motion animation and a lesson plan for making rugs, all in one night for a class of Czech children (so English instructions not very useful). Learning that creativity can transcend language and that kids can make the daftest ideas turn into amazing projects have continued to inspire me to look at things in a more fun way! x

  66. Julie Anne says:

    I made an xmas decoration from a yoghurt pot when I was very young.
    Interesting doesn’t necessarily mean good but it still goes up on the tree and looks great trying to outshine the reindeer and tinsel.

  67. Love Rob Ryan!

    I used to work for Choccywoccydoodah and probably used to make my most interesting things by hand there. I never thought I would use chocolate as an art medium and I would spend most of my days making wild roses, orchids, anemonies…you name it! practically any flower under the sun.

    I still make things now. I have a love for sewing and love learning new crafts. I self teach myself which takes a while but eventually I get there :)

  68. Clare Parsons says:

    I made my own head out of clay for an Art Project. It took about 4 months to make and has hair, eyes, noses and mouth all made out of clay. Im still proud of it to this day :-)

  69. Erica says:

    It would have to be the alien headdress I made for Bestival one year – it was a HUGE gold wire structure with eyes made out of ping pong balls that dangled in front of my real eyes. It took me hours but with my green onsie, green wig and green body paint it was ace…x

  70. The most interesting thing i have ever made with my beloved but over worked mitts goes to: The coffin I made during my work experience at a funeral directors. A strange choice of work for a boy of 16 years but it was an enlightening experience I always remember. The coffins arrived flat packed but still required a keen understanding of carpentry to complete. I still work with wood, carving portraits but often of dead celebraties …

  71. Verity says:

    The most interesting thing i have made by hand, has to be my Final Major Project for Uni. I studied Jewellery Design (i work in Perspex) and i based my FMP piece’s on the history of my home county & how im personally linked to it (Northamptonshire – The Shoe and Boot Industry) I used perspex, leather and strong thread (originally used to make shoes / boots) May sound super boring, but photo’s are here –

  72. Nariece says:

    The most interesting thing I have made by hand is a small centerpiece made to look like a happy octopus. I made him out of polymer clay!

  73. Nia James says:

    When I was in school I made a jewellery box with a red velvet lining and marquetry lid. Mum still uses it today almost 20 years later!

  74. The most interesting think I’ve made is the favours for my wedding. 90 croheted robots

  75. Katie says:

    The most interesting thing I’ve ever made was a huge papercut of my Facebook page.
    I made it for my final project at uni (looking at digital voyeurism) I started papercutting after reading about Rob Ryan!

  76. Rebecca says:

    ah i love rob ryan!
    the most interesting thing i ever made by hand was a mini theatre. I was set a project of telling a story from a newspaper about a man high up in the mafia keeping an alligator in his apartment which he would use to scare people into giving them money. I had to photograph each scene and it ended with the mafia boss being caught but missing his actually very loving pet haha!

  77. The most interesting thing that I have ever made is some skeleton hand drawn, then screen printed full bodies on bedding with matching skull printed pillows…picture explains it better than me.

    16 odd hours to arrange, get on screen and print…but worth the time :)

  78. Catherine Holding says:

    The most interesting a sweater vest with a ghost on the front for my lil grand daughter

  79. Johann Drummond says:

    I have recently made a collection of jewellery to sell through a local hotel. It was interesting to see how my style developed and to teach myself new techniques. So far I am getting a lot of positive feedback.

  80. Patricia Devitt says:

    I’m a huge Rob Ryan fan since seeing a piece he did for Vogue on love about 5 years ago. Really beautiful and memorable piece of work which I cut from the magazine and framed :o )

    The most interesting thing I have made by hand is my button jewellery. I’ve always had a hankering for a button since I was a wee lass playing with my Ma’s button jar. I’ve created necklaces, earrings, rings and brooches using my own treasured button collection. They brighten up many a dull outfit and are always unique, faults and all!

  81. Nadia says:

    When I was young I liked the character Mr Hanky from South Park.
    The most interesting (and embarrassing) thing I’ve made by hand is a felt version of this Christmas poo. He was made from felt including his hands and face. He had a checked fabric shirt and sparkly red bandanna. I sewed him all by hand and have only recently thrown him out!

  82. Alex says:

    I’ve knitted a Team Zissou hat, and lots and lots of owls for a window display in a local yarn shop. But making LED glowies for a party has to be one of the most interesting things I’ve ever made. So much fun and so easy to make ^_^

  83. Laura says:

    I made a skirt for a 50s themed fancy dress party out of an old circle table cloth. It looked pretty amazing and I still wear it out now and again, channelling my inner Sandy Dee.

  84. Claire Low says:

    That would be about 21 years’ worth of birthday and Christmas cards for my mother (and my father before he died).
    Usually I work in collaboration with my sister, now 27. We have done everything from cross stitch cards to cartoon likenesses of our pet dog carrying a shrink-paper miniature J Crew sweater. It gets kind of eccentric at the Low family household. We think Mum’s favourite card was the snowdome: we Photoshopped images of our pets into a winter wonderland which we printed out on photo paper, then captured in a two-dimensional snow dome complete with falling sparkles for snow. Another highly popular card was when we put birthday greetings on a dog-sized t-shirt, put the shirt on the dog and let the dog deliver the card. Another card had the likenesses of all three of us if we were Hannari tofu (see So … yeah. Literally cartoon tofu with spectacles and our own hairstyles.

  85. Sarah Hughes says:

    A blanket for my baby due on the 28th November 2012. I have made it on my pink sewing machine (called Princess Pearl) and the thread is from my Grandmother (from the 1950s) so it also contains a bit of family history. I am looking forward to many winter snuggles as a family.

  86. Ellie Cowley says:

    Oh there are so many lovely and cool things on your blog already – but i’ll have a go as I love RR and TD SO MUCH – one of the most interesting things I’ve ever made by hand was a series of shortbread zombie army and characters in a village. It all started when Mrs Shortbread the baker cut her finger whilst making a batch of shorTbread, and things got horribly out of control as a zombie shortbread army emerged from her cauldron! Photographic evidence at every stage shows the zombie army ransacking the village in search of shortbread braaaaaains – with shortbread limbs and raspberry sauce flying hectically all over the place …. the zombie army seemed unstoppable…. until the giants came and ate them up! So I have a photographic zombie army story book now… digital copy can be supplied! I think that’s the most interesting thing I’ve ever made by hand. And I have to credit my friend Phil, who was also one of the giants and who made the raspberry sauce, but he won’t mind me entering in this for girli treats! xx

  87. Jasmine says:

    My most interesting thing I have ever made has got to be a drawing/ collage of my dog Yogi I did when I was around 7, it was coloured in bright blue and I remember drawing 10 legs as I finished early and had time to spare…

  88. The most interesting thing I have ever made, being totally inartistic!, was in year 9 in my art class when we designed and made a Gaudi house. I was so proud because it was very bright and exuberant. Little did I know that in seven years time I would be in Barcelona looking at some real life Gaudi art! Totally amazing.

  89. Joanne Stewart says:

    The most interesting thing I have made by hand was a mini set of the Fame stage for a school project! As a 90s child, I was obsessed with the 80s and the leg warmer clad, permed and spandex cast of Fame were gods in my eyes! So when it came to my electricity school project, I constructed a stage (with wings and stage doors!), lights covered with coloured quality street plastic wrappers for a multicoloured glow and lots and lots of glitter. My teachers thought I was bonkers. If only the stage was big enough for me to prance about on it!

  90. flo mooring says:

    The most interesting thing I ever made by hand is the outfit i wore for 2012 gay pride. I made a dress out of chains and then attached multicoloured balls all over. When the event finished I turned the dress into a lampshade which is currently hanging in my bedroom. You can see the dress here

  91. The most interesting thing I’ve ever made (ok maybe it’s my favourite thing I ever made) was a Dali inspired bowl which was a mouth,lips as the rim and long sticky out tongue served as a spoon rest …unfortunately my boyfriend (who is now an EX boyfriend) broke it! :(

  92. Sandra Clarke says:

    The most interesting thing I made was a “Mummy” outfit for my son. I used an old pair of dark green pyjamas and stitched on bandages (out of date) all over in rows. Together with the bandage head dress it looked terrific and won him one or two Halloween fancy dress prizes until he outgrew it.

  93. Caterina Capelli says:

    The most interesting thing I have ever made by hand was to give shape to my imagination and make it fly up to touch the clouds… Using bamboo, washi paper, thread, watercolors and no logical rule I have built a fantastic animal that is able to fly with a breath of wind. The kite I built is like a dream: fragile and wonderful at the same time. Just like a dream it hovers above my head but it is always in need of my hands that never tire of repairing it and adding color to its wings.

  94. Abi says:

    During I Chinese art project, I decided to make a model of a cherry blossom tree! I made the base of the tree with wire and then wrapped it with modrock. I put it in a god glittery pot, painted it and added the blossoms. It now stands proudly in my bedroom! :)

  95. Chloë Charlett says:

    The most interesting thing I have ever made is a grayson perry style pot for my art gcse which I have taken a year early incorporating some stuff about me and things I love like tatty Devine and some of my big collection! Also I have met rob Ryan in Staffordshire 2 years ago, and got my book signed at his exhibition preview and he commented on my tatty Devine necklace AND I got my photo taken with him. Also I loved meeting you both at the tape measure brooch workshop inliverpool last year, and I remember Rosie spelt my name wrong so she had to sign a whole new book! :D

  96. Chloë Charlett says:

    The most interesting thing I have ever made is a Grayson Perry style pot for my art GCSE which I have taken a year early. It incorporates some stuff about me and things I love like Tatty Devine and my big collection! Also I met Rob Ryan in Staffordshire 2 years ago and got my book signed at his exhibition preview and he commented on my Tatty Devine necklace AND I got my photo taken with him! Also I loved meeting you both at the tape measure brooch workshop in Liverpool last year, and I remember Rosie spelt my name wrong so she had to sign a whole new book!


  97. Vicky Charlett says:

    I’m an art teacher so I am always making interesting stuff! Therefore I will hark back to my childhood for this one! When I was 9 I made a really rather good papier mâché banana…….so good I was told to go around all the other classroom to show off my amazing construction skills! Clearly it all went up hill from there! I never thought about it before but maybe my whole career stemmed from a banana?!?!

  98. Linda says:

    A while ago I was asked to voluntarily make some mobiles to hang in a children’s hospital with some other artists. We set about our task working individually but also alongside each other. It was the joy of working collaboratively that was so fun and interesting and also not so much what we were making but who it was all for….hope we brightened things up a little…

  99. Scott says:

    Last year, for our 10th anniversary, I made a Victorian Valentine pressie for my wife. It was a miniature stage set of Parisian roof tops resembling Moulin Rouge, a film we watched when we first met and a city that we spend time in when ever we get the opportunity. Now I have to get thinking about what creation will be appropriate for our 20th!

  100. Eliza Booth says:

    the most interesting thing i have hand made is probably….

    a life size bust sculpture (of myself) made out of clay.
    it was really fun and looks suprisingly realistic.

  101. Tatty Devine says:

    Thank you all for your entries! We will announce the winner shortly. Good luck!