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Tatty Devine Community

What’s at the heart of Tatty Devine? Our loyal fans, of course! Flying the Tatty flag for all to see, our customers cherish their pieces and are the faces of the brand. We wouldn’t exist without you all, as much as we love creating wearable works of art for ourselves, we thrive on creating exciting products for you: our community!

Become part of the Tatty Devine community by signing up to our newsletter - did someone say loyalty rewards and access to special treats? You'll hear all about our new collections, cult collaborations, find out about upcoming events, catch up on the latest news and the campaigns we're championing PLUS you’ll receive £5 off your first order to start your #MyTattyDevine collection with us.

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What do I get for joining?

Treats, treats and more treats! We’ll brighten up your inbox with fun from our studio and super special offers. As your collection grows, you’ll get exclusive early access to NEW collections, behind-the-scenes sneak peeks and so much more…


New Customer Loyal Customer Collectors Coven
New Customer

Join the Tatty Devine newsletter and/or place your first order with us.

Loyal Customer

You’re a fully-fledged Tatty fan!
Place between 2 - 4 orders.

Collectors Coven

Well hello, Collector!
Place 5 or more orders and be welcomed into our Coven.

New Customer

  • Recieve £5 off your first order
  • We'll send you a Birthday Gift (if you provide your Date of Birth when you sign up)
  • Get Free Delivery on your 2nd order

Loyal Customer

Everything above plus...

  • Early access to our new collections and collaborations
  • Early access to Sale
  • Free gift wrap on your third order (perfect for introducing a friend to Tatty!)
  • Exclusive offers

Collectors Coven

Everything above plus...

  • Early access to Seasonal collections and Limited Editions!
  • Invites to Coven exclusive Jewellery Making Workshops and Seasonal launch parties
  • Exclusive Limited Edition products
  • Invite to join our Coven-exclusive Instagram list for behind the scenes content
  • Quarterly newsletter with exclusive partner discounts, jewellery sneak peeks and exclusive Tatty content straight from the studio!

How does it work?

When you sign up to receive the Tatty Devine loyalty newsletter you’ll automatically start receiving all of the relevant treats to the tier you fall into. You need to remain subscribed to the newsletter to continue to enjoy all of your perks as this is the only way that they will be communicated to you.

Once in the Collectors Coven you'll be able to find a dedicated webpage where you have access to exclusive Coven offers and discounts from our hand picked partners. This will be found under the ‘World Of’ heading on our website navigation.

If you think you’re not receiving the correct early access or rewards, you can get in touch with our care team here and we will be able to investigate.

Shopping in our Monmouth Street store? No problem, if you want an in store order to count towards your loyalty then you simply need to give our Sales Stars your email address when you purchase at the till.

We apologise but any historic orders placed using multiple different email addresses will not be able to be combined into one single account. It’s important when placing orders that you have created an account with the same email address you’ve signed up with in order to get the relevant treats.

Don't miss out! To make sure you don't miss out on our loyalty newsletter, place your orders signed into your Tatty Devine customer account. Please note, historic orders from different email addresses cannot be combined under your account and put towards the loyalty programme. Want to double check? Your account email address should be where you receive the Tatty Devine newsletter.


Be prepared to share the laser cutting love, you can find like minded acrylic aficionados by exploring #MyTattyDevine on Instagram.
“Did we just become best friends?” “YEP!”

On Instagram #MyTattyDevine