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2021's Online Sample Sale 101

August 06, 2021 - Lucy Fernandez
2021's Online Sample Sale 101

The most anticipated moment in the Tatty Devine calendar is here and we're keeping it computerised for 2021. As you might remember, last year was the first time we have ever held our Sample Sale online, giving many more of our wonderful customers the opportunity to shop one-off designs, sought-after seconds and lots of must-have pieces.

We’re hoping to bring back IRL sample sales soon but for now this is the safest way for all to enjoy the experience from the comfort of their own homes.

Many of you will be familiar with the drill from last year, but there will be a couple of differences (highlighted in yellow!) to our online Sample Sale this year. Here is a reminder of our guide on how to be best prepared for the day...

2021 Tatty Devine Sample Sale

Here's the low down on what kind of stock you can expect to find:

Samples: Found your favourite piece in a different colour-way? Collecting the rarest Tatty Devine pieces? There are SO many good samples to be found this year!

Seconds: Some pieces that have a few insignificant scratches, maybe even a missing bead or two.

Archive: Missed out on a wishlist piece a couple of years ago? Looking to complete a collection? You might find it now!

We have a huge variety of absolute gems, wishlist wonders and blasts from the past - we like to think there will be a bit of something for everyone! Each piece will be priced accordingly and will state if there are any specific imperfections.


A few things to do before the big day...

Sign up to our mailing list: You will be the first to know when the sale is live and you can keep up to date with any new information and product drops throughout the day.

Create your Tatty online account: Put all your billing and shipping information into your online account before the sale, so when you get to the checkout you won’t have to fill in all your details (things may fly out of your basket if you aren’t quick enough 😞)

Log in: It’s always good to double-check you are already signed in, this gives you extra time to remember that password - did I really change all the letters to numbers?!

Add existing items to your basket: Been waiting to pick up a Strawberry Pendant? Add it to your basket first so all you have to do is add your sample sale selections!

FAQ’s: Have a read of our Frequently Asked Questions so you won’t be pondering postage.

Gift Cards: Got a voucher? Lucky you! You can redeem this against your sample sale purchase.


Flash forward

It’s now the morning of the 2021 Sample Sale... You’re still in your pjs, listening to some good tunes, you’ve got a coffee and your chosen payment method is within reach. This is how the day will go down...

You’ve got 48 hours to shop until you drop from 10am on Saturday 14th August.

We’ll be releasing products throughout the first day, this makes it fair and gives everyone a chance to get their hands on some goodies! Starting at 10am on Saturday 14th August, you can expect a new batch of products every couple of hours until the last drop at 8pm.

There are many one-offs and we expect a lot of traffic on the day so don’t leave things in your basket for too long as someone else may snap it up. If any items disappear from your basket or from the online Sample Sale collection, then they have been sold.

Due to how busy we expect the Sample Sale to be, we will not be able to group or combine multiple orders placed by the same person throughout the day, therefore please do not email us with this request, you will be required to pay for the postage for each separate order.

Europe Delivery: On 1st July EU VAT regulations changed - you can expect to receive a customs bill for any order over £150 being sent to an EU country. Have a read about what to expect on your countries customs import duties to know what to expect to pay.

Accidentally ordered one too many parakeets? We do accept returns and on-the-day cancellations, our customer care team will be on-hand on Saturday 14th August via email only ( to cancel any accidental orders. It’ll help our team if you use the subject line ‘Sample Sale - Cancel Order’ so that we can quickly reach your cancellation and restock the products for someone else to enjoy.

Please note: We are happy to cancel individual items from orders however if the new total value of your order drops below our minimum order threshold for free delivery, we will account for this in your refund so that you will be charged for the delivery.

Lucy Dickson