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Jewellery Care & Repairs

Designed for life, each piece of Tatty Devine jewellery is crafted with longevity in mind and couldn’t be further from fast fashion. Each piece is made in a small batch to avoid waste and any unwanted products ending up in landfills.

We’re also proud to offer all our customers a repair service across the majority of our collections - our jewellery can truly last a lifetime.

Dying to take your Rainbow Necklace out on the town?

Here are our top tips on how to care for your Tatty Devine jewellery:

Jewellery Box:

Keep your jewellery safe in its original box or store in an alternative cool, dry place. As tempting as it will be to wear your jewellery 24/7, make sure to remove it before bed as our jewellery is fragile and may get damaged.

Tatty Devine Jewellery Box

Avoid Water:

Water on your Tatty Devine jewellery? That's a H20 no-no! Avoid showering, bathing, and yes, that daring log flume ride to keep your pieces looking their very best

No Water on Tatty Devine Jewellery

Avoid Sweat:

Off to the gym? While our Mini Ghost Pendant might fancy a go on the treadmill, perspiration can in fact lead to tarnished chains. Make sure you take off your jewellery and tuck it away safely before getting your HIIT workout on!

Remove jewellery before activities

Avoid Cosmetics:

Hold that 10-step beauty routine! If using lotions, hairspray, perfumes and heavy moisturisers, it’s best to wait until everything is applied and absorbed before putting on your favourite Tatty Devine jewellery, to avoid contact as much as possible as they can discolour metal parts.

Avoid cosmetics on your Tatty Devine Jewellery

Cleaning Your Jewellery:

We recommend using a soft cloth (your sunglasses cloth for example) to clean the acrylic of your jewellery.

Have a much-loved piece of Tatty Devine jewellery that needs a little TLC? No problem!

Ever since we started making jewellery way back in 1999, we’ve been on a mission to increase the longevity of our pieces. From replacing chains to re-studding crystals and even sourcing pieces of acrylic: we always try our best to restore your precious pieces, get in touch and we’ll see what we can do!

Heads up, our repair service turnaround time is up to 1 month.

How to organise your Tatty repair...

1. Email our care team on and make sure to attach a photograph of your piece of jewellery so they can clearly see what version it is and the area that needs attention.

Based in London? You can also drop your poorly piece into our Neal Street store (nearest tube Leicester Square).

2. You'll receive a repairs quote from our Care Team, and if you are happy to go ahead with the repair you would just need to return your jewels to our Kent Studio on a recorded service.

We always ask that you make sure the parcel is packaged securely to ensure a safe journey- and with a note of your contact details inside so we know who you are!

3. We’ll let you know as soon as we have received the package and will be in touch to take payment for your repair, either via card payment over the phone or via PayPal request, before our team gets to work.

4. Once our wonderful makers have processed your repair, this will be safely returned to you at an address of your choice for a small cost to cover postage or you can collect in store for free (and say hi to our lovely Neal Street team!).

Jewellery Repair