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A Gingerbread House tutorial with Maid of Gingerbread

December 11, 2020 - Alice Barnes
A Gingerbread House tutorial with Maid of Gingerbread

It’s Gingerbread House Day! We’ve got hold of gingerbread genius Emily aka Maid of Gingerbread’s amazing instructions to give you a step by step guide on how to make your very own gingerbread house!

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Hey Emily, we hope you are doing well and feeling festive!

What's your top tip for Gingerbread House Making?

Use a recipe designed for 3D building (rather than 2D gingerbread men) and make sure the pieces are firm and not soft before you start. Use royal icing as your glue and take your time making sure you have it at the right consistency. Have a few small jars to hand (to help prop up pieces as you build) and you'll be all set!

Great tips! How did you discover your amazing gingerbread skills?

10 years ago I decided to adapt our family gingerbread house templates and try to make a circus big top instead and it turned out way better than I expected! It's taken a while to develop the skills I have now though - when I look back at my early work now it seems very rough and inaccurate!

What’s your favourite piece you've ever made?
My very favourite thing is recreating real life buildings in gingerbread. I actually have two favourite builds! My Christmas installation for Castle Howard in Yorkshire (which included 7 buildings and a working gingerbread train) and my 6ft tall gingerbread town house for The Ideal Home show. Both totally epic projects in different ways.

Wow, they sound incredible! Ok so now it’s time to learn how to create a gingerbread house...

First you’ll need to print out your classic house templates, follow the easy gingerbread recipe, mix up your royal icing cement and THEN tackle the tricky part of piecing it all together...

Maid of Gingerbread House Tutorial

We've uploaded Emily's fab set of instructions online here. Easy to download, print and follow as you make. Enjoy and don't forget to tag @gingerbreadmaid and @tattydevine to show us your makes!

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Alice Barnes