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Animation Hot House Q&A: Katharina Koall

August 13, 2018 - Charlotte Prichard
Animation Hot House Q&A: Katharina Koall

Something magical is happening on the Tatty Devine website. Our Hot House collection has come to life, thanks to animator Katharina Koall, who created three short animations inspired by our Hot House collection. Our Tortoise Ring, Ultra Flora and Fauna Necklace and Butterfly Necklaces take flight and explore the world in the adorable animations.

Inspired to enter our Animation Hot House competition? Katharina is hosting a hands on animation workshop at our Brick Lane store on Saturday 18th May to help budding animators get started. This event is fully booked but Katharina has shared her top animation tips with us so you can try your hands at home. Notebooks at the ready - the class is about to begin... 

Hi Katharina! How did you first get into animation?

I am also an illustrator and it seemed natural to combine that with animation - just to see what happens when your drawings come alive! I always liked drawing, so it felt like animation was the next step in how I could make my drawing more interesting. How long have you been animating?   I started in college in 2002. Who have you worked with and where has your work featured?  I have been working on a range of projects for exhibitions, installations and artists publications. My clients include Chorus and EchoWomens' Resource CentreThe Woodland Trust and RSA Film. Exhibitions and publications include The LoopFreistil in Zuerich and Berlin / A View of London at the London Transport Museum / Lost to View at The Museum Of London and Late at Tate Britain. What influences your animations?  In general, I am influenced by the music of Deux, the films of Jan Svankmajer and Len Lye and Don Siegel, the books of Julie Doucet and Philip K Dick...! We love Julie Doucet's work, too! What do you like best about making animations?  I love the freedom - the fact that you can play god for a while and create anything out of nothing. What advice would you give to people starting animation for the first time?  Just be experimental. Don't worry or be intimidated by animation rules. How did you go about creating the Tatty Devine Hot House animations? What processes did you use? Two are made with stop animation. With this process, patience is key! You can't control the object, which is both daunting and beautiful. You just have to see what happens. One was done using CGA. Digital animation allows for a lot more control. It was interesting to such different methods with the same objects and see quite different outcomes. Thank you, Katharina! We can't wait to get started on our own masterpieces! Want to get animated? Watch Katharina's Hot House animations here and get involved in our Animation Hot House competition now.