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AW21: How it's made

August 27, 2021 - Alice Barnes
AW21: How it's made
With the launch of our limited edition, I'm Only Dreaming, we’re exploring infinity and the art of opening our minds. It’s time to decode our dreams and explore how we have turned fantasies into 3D masterpieces by looking at the processes behind our Autumn/Winter 2021 collection.

Journeying through the land of dreams brings us to our first piece, the Astral Plane Statement Necklace.

Take a phantasmagoric jaunt through Harriet’s dreamscape of planets, profiles, rainbows and stars with this piece meticulously made with love by our expert jewellery makers. 

 Each Astral Plane Statement Necklace is comprised of 37 perfectly placed pieces, laser cut from 24 different types of acrylic, from shimmering gold dust, marbled malachite to cosmic glitter back. 

Watch as the finishing touches are added to the illustrations that become the necklace you own.


Dreaming of nature is so common, throughout history, there have been many interpretations as to the symbolism of this. Animals in dreams are interpreted to mean many things, a Cardinal Bird flying through your thoughts is often thought to depict a loved one, either one you’ve lost or a new love coming into your life. We’re reminiscing on past and future loves with the Cardinal Dream Necklace.


Poignantly perched amongst clusters of a Cardinal Bird’s favourite food, ruby-red berries encrusted with crystals, discover a sparkling symbol of devotion. A bird this beautiful needs a home to match, Harriet spent hours creating realistic clouds armed with her trusty glue gun, a few lampshades and a bag of cushion stuffing. On set, we lit the clouds with multicoloured lights to bring our technicolour dreams to life.


Tatty Devine wouldn’t exist without daydreaming! From the minds of young Harriet and Rosie creating the brand to over twenty years of designs, they all came from a wandering mind. Our shimmering rims of the Daydreaming Glasses Necklace honour the space between wakefulness and sleep.

Carefully hand-pinned to stay in place our Daydreaming Glasses are carefully bent just like a real pair of glasses. 
I’m Only Dreaming has pulled inspiration from the Surrealists obsession with sleep, dreams, in-between states, strange juxtapositions and the desire to be non-conformist.
This powerful and unique collection explores the personification of sleep, the space between
wakefulness and sleeping and higher states of consciousness. Let’s take a medicated meander through the making process of our Sleeping Pills


Our Sleeping Pills Statement Necklace has 43 brightly coloured pills each individually hand-glued by our team of expert makers! If you take a closer look at the packets, you’ll see they are etched with side effects of serious slumber. From imagination and lucid nights to psychic powers.

Shop I'm Only Dreaming online and in-store now. 

While you're there, why not check our short film!
Alice Barnes