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AW23: Enchanted Folk

August 30, 2023 - Alice Barnes
AW23: Enchanted Folk

Pigments and potions, spellbinding florals, and soothsaying essentials: embrace mysticism with our limited edition Autumn Winter 2023 collection: Enchanted Folk

Exploring the fantasy of folklore, enchanted artistry and psychic phenomena: our Co-Founders Rosie and Harriet’s fascination with witchcraft has conjured up a 30-piece art jewellery collection. Harnessing their own feminine power and inspired by trailblazing women through history, discover ornate tributes to the true stars of tarot, alchemists that made the impossible possible, and ethereal ‘evidence’ of the otherworldly. Enchanted Folk is the key to finding autumn/winter accessories that make you believe in your own magic.

Steeped in tales of making the impossible, possible… Delve into the story behind AW23’s mesmerising statement necklace, the Alchemy Potions Necklace. Handcrafted from 36 individual pieces of shining laser cut acrylic: our vibrant vials are decorated with mystical icons and antique-style tags bearing the names of pioneering alchemists. Celebrating Cleopatra the Alchemist, one of the few ancient people to master the art of Chrysopoeia, look closer to discover a naive-style Ouroboros, the symbol of eternal life, honouring the mythical gold-making process and the birth of modern chemistry. 

In addition to our wearable apothecary, a cardinal purple bottle pays homage to the first alchemist in the world, Mary the Prophetess. Her ability to create the incredibly rare pigment, Caput Mortuum is honoured in a hand-curved potion bottle, inverted and topped with glossy mirror acrylic ‘spilling’ from its neck. Carefully pinned to form AW23’s go-to conversation-starting piece, this unusual statement necklace is part of a numbered edition of just 30.

“There is so much fascination behind the tales of the Cottingley fairies: there is a tale of hope with people just wanting to believe that these magical creatures exist as well as the fascinating crossover between technology and magic. Usually alongside science, technology disproves out-of-this-world ideas, whereas this somewhat proved it and made it happen” - Harriet Vine MBE, Co-Founder

Serve otherworldly looks in our Frolic of Fairies Necklace. Best paired with autumn tones: this homage to the phenomena of the Cottingley Fairies has been carefully etched, inked and hand-inked with subtle odes to female musical icons from Stevie Nicks to Grace Jones. Go your own way with these statement sprites, laser cut and finished with hand curved wings to form naive-style earrings and the ultimate fairy pendant. Folklore-inspired jewellery doesn’t stop there: discover our celebratory Folklore Hearts Necklace and covetable Folk Bells Necklace

We see tarot-inspired jewellery in your future. Channel higher-power dressing with collectable nods to the art of seeing the future and deck yourself out in our Tarot Reading Necklace. A decorated tribute to the legacy of occultist Pamela Colman Smith, who despite illustrating the widely recognised Rider Waite Tarot Deck, was uncredited for her contribution for over a century. The ultimate wooden necklace for modern witches: digitally printed wooden tarot cards sit alongside hand-inked witchmarks: celestial symbols pay an ode to moon phases and womanhood, and geometric triangles honour the elements alongside classic witchcraft iconography. 

Spot even more of Smith’s iconic Rider Waite illustrations in our must-have celestial jewellery set: embellish your future with our very giftable The Star Tarot Necklace and matching The Star Tarot Earrings

Marvel at head-turning art accessories inspired by Alistair Crowley’s The Book of Thoth Necklace. Encouraged to lean into his occultist, magical, spiritual and scientific side by the artist, this assemblage of radiating mirror acrylic first came to life thanks to Lady Frieda Harris’ intricate illustrations of the esoteric tarot deck. Cast your all-seeing eye over this statement necklace and spot 22 shades of laser cut acrylic reworked into seven tarot-inspired tchotchkes honouring tarot cards from The Universe, Wheel of Fortune to The Tower. Part of a numbered edition of 40, charm any clairvoyant with matching night-out essentials: mismatched earrings

Reinventing floral fashion trends: reach for our recipe for sensational AW23 styling, the  Autumn Flower Spell Necklace. A tactile ode to nine sacred herbs prominent in pagan ritual, count arnica, calendula, dill flower, lovage, sage and mugwort: reimagined as delicate seed heads blooming alongside 3D florals pinned to rotate in the autumn breeze. Part of an extra special limited edition of just 20, this is the perfect occasion necklace that’s fit for all your upcoming ‘dos’: think wedding guest looks, private views and winter solstice celebrations.

Watch radiating rainbows cast across your surroundings when the winter sun hits your Prismatic Crystal Ball Necklace and matching Prismatic Crystal Earrings. The perfect magical statement, embellish every look with tendrils of hand-linked charms: 64 individual decals in a kaleidoscopic palette of glossy translucent fuschias and oranges, glittering amethyst purples and glitzy greens are brought to life with pops of mirror blues and smokey black pentacles. Layered over crisp neutrals or dark denim dresses to see our iridescent crystal ball colour change from a peachy glow to luxe lilac tones.

Deep-rooted in witchcraft and delicately handcrafted in the UK, complete your jewellery collection with magical seasonal statement accessories all limited to reflect their complex nature. Every piece of Enchanted Folk is part of a numbered and limited edition run and comes with its own box and certificate of authenticity. Believe in magic and shop AW23’s Enchanted Folk online and in-store now

Alice Barnes