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Charlotte & Katie's Killer Halloween Playlist

August 13, 2018 - Charlotte Prichard
Charlotte & Katie's Killer Halloween Playlist

Fright night is fast approaching, so store stars Katie and Charlotte (aka the Queens of Spotify!) are sharing their fave spooky songs to get YOU in the Halloween spirit. Read on to discover the wicked delights that haunt their killer playlist…

THE X FILES THEME TUNE “When my sister and I were little, as soon as we heard these classic credits, we knew it was time to run upstairs to bed! I like spooky theme songs and sound bites mixed into a Halloween party playlist, especially this one. There's nothing like cruising the buffet alone and hearing those opening bars, it's enough to make you drop your sausage roll!” - Charlotte

BURN THE WITCH - QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE “I adore this band, they are really, really good at being dark and scary! This record is my favourite they have made thus far, I have had many a fun night with my best pals dancing, shouting and sweating to this band. I reckon Josh Homme would look ace wearing a glow in the dark Ghost Brooch in the desert actually, it'll look brill on leather or denim” - Katie

LULLABY - THE CURE “This really dreamy, unsettling song's video features Robert Smith tucked in bed in striped pyjamas and full makeup (as you do), being slowly entombed in spiderwebs and finally, devoured by a giant arachnid. It's the perfect soundtrack for wearing our Spiderweb Collar Necklace, though i'd definitely prefer to drape myself in delicate stippled mirror acrylic” - Charlotte


ZOMBIE - JAMIE T We LOVE listening to Jamie T in the shop and this song from his 2014 album 'Carry On The Grudge' the perfect choice for a fright night knees up. The video features the band playing a grimey near empty pub, slowly decaying as they transition into… you guessed it, the undead! To be honest, it doesn't look that different from a standard night out in my local area, Bethnal Green” - Charlotte

GOODBYE HORSES - VENUS INFERS “This song is incredible, It's so creepy and wonderful. It was first introduced to me when I was 11, I watched Silence of the Lambs at a friends sleepover and was absolutely terrified! I have always loved this song and the film now I am a little bit braver” - Katie


CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL - BAD MOON RISING “I think this song has been used in a tonne of films but I love it, I love this band too. I particularly like the upbeat tone of the song and the lyrics cast a shadow of impending doom. Brilliant and terrifying. Defo need to crack out the Crescent Moon Earrings whilst listening to this” - Katie

ABRACADABRA - STEVE MILLER BAND “Abra abra-cadabra. I wanna reach out and grab ya! This is an underrated naff classic, it makes me think of someone creeping about in a laboratory, tinkering about attempting to whip up potions in an attempt to ensnare the object of their affections. I think a lab coat and our Science Experiment Necklace would make an ace spooky scientist costume!” - Charlotte

TUBULAR BELLS - MARK AYRES “Another song from a cult horror flick - The Exorcist. Poor old Ragen had a bad time in this, she would of benefited from a Name Necklace with her name on it for sure. The cover of this classic song sends chills down my spine! I had to turn it off in the store as me and Charlotte got scared...” - Katie

Which spooky songs will you playing this Halloween? Let us know on Twitter!

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