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Cuppa Time?

April 06, 2022 - Alice Barnes
Cuppa Time?

The most asked question in the Tatty Devine studios must be “fancy a cuppa?” In preparation for National Tea Day on Thursday, we hit the group chat with a controversial conversation starter… how do you like your brew? 

Tea lovers, let them know how you like it with our Personalised Name Necklaces from £27.50!

Get your tea drinking pose at the ready, it’s time to find out the all-important results… 

Pinkies up! We’re kicking things off to a strong start with Elysia, she likes her bev as black as our Black Cat Necklace! No milk, no sugar: nothing! We’ve always got a handy stash of snacks at the ready, up your afternoon tea game and stock up on our tasty Biscuit Assortment Necklace here.

On to our tea-purists. Builder’s tea and JUST a splash of milk for Emma, same for Rosie but let’s make it an Earl Grey and as for Clare? Hold the caffeine! Meanwhile, Rachel’s the cat who got the cream (or the I Hate You The Least Cat Earrings) with a super milky brew - give it a good glug of semi-skimmed!

Peppermint power, Fleur and Charlotte G can co-ordinate their acrylic jewellery to their teacup with our minty-toned Teacup Necklace, complete with its very own Tatty Devine tea bag. Pop a Jammy Biscuit Pendant on the side and that’s our dream tea break, right there!

Say hello to our sweet-toothed team… One sugar or two? Charlotte P is keeping it classic with white and one sugar, alongside Sian, BUT it must be Yorkshire Gold. The perfect partners for an afternoon tea, Fizz and Nicolle are matching with almond milk and two sugars. Pop your go-to combo on a personalised Speech Bubble Necklace, made on the spot in our Covent Garden store!

Not fussy, Alice will have hers any way… as long as there’s treats involved. Get the look with our wood Jammy Biscuit Ring.

Here are our herbalists! Drinking redbush on the regular, Charlotte S prefers two sugars and almond milk. With a very unique teacup alternative, Harriet causes a stir with a pint-size mug and a kettle on the side… ready and waiting for endless refills. 

Looking to get that vintage tea party aesthetic? Take inspiration from our Teapot Necklace and Alice in Wonderland inspired shoot. 

Teaspoons at the ready? Get set for National Tea Day with our high-tea highlights, designed in London and handmade in Kent. Shop online or in-store now!

Alice Barnes