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Customer of the Month: Miss Miranda and Lady Lucie

August 13, 2018 - Charlotte Prichard
Customer of the Month: Miss Miranda and Lady Lucie

This month's Customer of the Month is a bit of a double whammy! Burlesque performer Miss Miranda first caught our eye back in December, when she posted this saucy snap on her Facebook page: Miss Miranda Moustache Necklace and Pasties Costume designer Lady Lucie made the moustache pasties, so we spoke to Lady Lucie first to ask what inspired them. She said: "A whole selection of things! I have a strange passion for women in moustaches, so sticking a pair on Miss Miranda made a whole lot of sense! One of my close friends makes a range of moustache waxes, so they feature in conversation quite a lot. Also, I have a lot of male moustachioed friends and we all excitedly plan their mo-styles for Movember. And, of course, I own the Tatty Devine moustache necklace!! So, yes, moustaches are on my mind a lot!!" Miss Miranda says "All credit must go to the amazing Lady Lucie for creating the moustache costume!! I didn't even know what I was going to be wearing for that show until a couple of days before, and the moustache pasties were a surprise on the night - I absolutely love them! Lucie is a latexy genius." Another costume that caught our eye was a red glitter Name Necklace with matching pasties! Red Glitter Name Necklace and Pasties We asked Miss Miranda what came first - the necklace or the pasties? "Ha ha, the pasties!" she says. "I make all my pasties myself using leather, glitter and Swarovski crystals... They do go beautifully together - I just love anything red and glittery!!" Miss Miranda says she started out in burlesque when it was "still a really tiny scene with only two or three clubs operating in London". She's performed at "pretty much all of the burlesque clubs in London as the scene has expanded, and overseas in Madrid, Milan, Moscow... I have six or seven acts that I perform regularly, and I also put together one-off acts for club nights. I did a special Laura Palmer Twin Peaks act last year involving coffee and cherry pie!" She has a crafty approach to costumes: "I make all my costumes either from scratch or by customising things that I've found. I always want everything to be a one off. My hair, make up and accessories are an essential part of all my costumes, not just an added extra. I'll incorporate specific jewelry combinations and elaborate hair fascinators!" She says she likes "extreme jewelry... There's a bit of a goth in me!! Oh, and I have to have massive high heels - at least 5 inches, otherwise I just don't feel dressed up!" It looks like her hair adds a good few inches, too: Miss Miranda Name Necklace Lady Lucie set up her own costume company, Lady Lucie Latex, in 2006 and has a studio in Hackney just a hop, skip and a jump from Tatty Devine. She says, "We spend our days drinking tea, listening to hair metal and musicals, gossiping and giggling whilst making up the Lady Lucie orders. There's often spontaneous nudity when one or other of us has to try on an item for size." It sounds just like the Tatty Devine studio (minus the nudity). We like this popcorn-flavoured shoot featuring Miranda: Lady Lucie Popcorn costumes

(Popcorn photos by Adam Robertson)

Lucie says she's a HUGE Tatty Devine fan. "The necklaces are definitely my faves. I have several pieces, including the Moustache Necklace and a 'Lady Lucie' Name Necklace and Swallow Earrings. At the moment I'm coveting the pink kiss necklace - it will perfectly compliment the lipsticky smooches that always seem to adorn me by the end of nights out!" She says that "other people on the scene to look out for are Pippa the Ripper, who's an amazing hula-hooper, and a really hot dark electro band called Vile Electrodes. Pippa and the Vile Electrodes are Tatty Devine fans too!" Miss Miranda's next performances are with British Lucha Libra wrestling act Lucha Britannia this Friday 15th April at the Resistance Gallery in Bethnal Green, and on Thursday 21st April at the Easter Hott Date in Birmingham. Miss Miranda and Lady Lucie, you're our Customers of the Month! We're sending you each a special surprise package to say thank you for letting us show off your style. If you'd like to be our Customer of the Month, here's how to get noticed: tag Tatty Devine any time you post a photo of you wearing your jewellery on Facebook (we'll ask to add you to our Fan Photos album). Or mention @tattydevine when you post photos of you wearing your jewellery on Twitter. Good luck!