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Desire Paths: How It's Made

October 22, 2020 - Alice Barnes
Desire Paths: How It's Made
With the launch of our NEW collection Desire Paths online and in-store we want to take you on a tantalising trip. Join us on a journey from sketchbook to the final product as we give you an inside look on the process behind our limited edition Autumn/Winter 2020 collection. 

Inspired by folklore and myths around fairy rings, naturally occurring circles of mushrooms, we’ve created this limited edition Magic Mushroom Statement Necklace. According to legend the only safe way to investigate a fairy ring is to run and dance around it nine times, so let’s start frolicking and find out how this necklace came to be…

These trippy treats have been recreated in layers of laser cut Birch and Walnut wood with colourful caps layered with formica and gills elegantly etched. In total there are 38 individual pieces all laser cut and hand glued by our magic makers in Kent. Each Magic Mushroom Statement Necklace has 27 perfectly formed mushroom caps topped with a range of 11 different bold colours. Hand pinned to move with you as you walk, take a journey through this meticulous make...

An ode to our love for woodlands, the Wild Rosehip Statement Necklace is an elegant array of leaves and hips inspired by Welsh Love Spoons. Traditionally gifted by young men to their sweethearts, they were used to show that a young man was worthy enough to provide for a girl. Different carvings had different meanings; horseshoe for luck, bells for marriage, we went for a chain detail demonstrating a carver’s skill.

To create something as beautiful as our Rosehips
it takes 7 of our super-skilled team to make this piece from start to finish. The process of making a new design starts with Harriet putting her ideas down in drawings, creating prototypes in paper before the necklace even begins to resemble the one you get to wear! 

Harriet even spray painted the walnut wood herself to give it the lustrous mustard yellow coating, which then was handed to our laser cutting magicians to laser cut and etch intricate details into. Next, each hip and flower gets delicately hand bent to bring them to life, then everything is assembled to reveal the finished product.

We check each product to make sure it is in tip top condition before it is sent over to our fab fulfillment team. Each limited edition piece is boxed alongside a certificate of authenticity signed by our skilled makers before it’s posted out to you at home.

Harriet has been continuously drawing water droplets in her sketchbook, our Teardrop Necklace has been in the works for a while which we think makes it a whole lot more special. Also referenced back in our Acid Rain Statement Necklace, this motif of sadness is a recurring sign of the times, so it felt all the more relevant to be realised fully in our Autumn Winter collection.

Each of our teardrops have 7 mirror acrylics reflecting 4 different tones of blues. From water vapour to droplets of rain follow our Teardrop Necklace from start to finish as Harriet makes this mesmerising piece… 

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Alice Barnes